How to check the associated/link speed on a wired client

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How to check the associated speed on a wired client?

  1. Please make sure that your PC is connected to the LAN port of your router via an Ethernet cable.
  2. You could check the wired link speed according to the operating system of your PC.

Windows: Windows key + “R”->type in “ncpa.cpl”->right click the “Local Area Connection/Ethernet”->Status.

The speed which you can see is the wired link speed on your Windows PC.

Mac OS: Locate the Network Utility on your MAC. It is in Applications > Utilities > Network Utility.

Alternatively, search Network Utility in Spotlight Search. Hit Command+Spacebar, then start typing “Network Utility” and hit return when the application is returned in the search results.

If you want to check the associated/link speed on wireless clients, please refer to this FAQ.

If you want to check the negotiation speed of Ethernet ports on the TP-Link Wireless Router, please refer to this FAQ

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