What should I do if TP-Link router cannot modify files on my hard drive?

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When using TP-Link router to share various files on your USB hard drives in the local network or even via internet, sometimes you may not be able to modify or edit documents or files of USB drives. This article will help you how to deal with this kind of issue.

Note: If your TP-Link router cannot even read files on your hard drive, please refer to what should I do if TP-Link router cannot read files on my hard drive?

Step 1: please make sure that you are using an Admin account or have enabled Write Access.

Case 1: When you enable Access Authentication for your USB hard drive via the TP-Link web interface, there has an Admin account and a Visit account. The admin account has the authority to read and edit files on a USB drive. However, a user account can only read files.

Case 2: Or you need to enable Write Access when settings Folder Sharing on the TP-Link router.

Step 2: Please verify how you access and modify files on your hard drive.

Some customers wants to use web browsers to read and edit files of hard drives through TP-Link router, sorry to tell you that it cannot work. Since the web browser is designed to be read only, and you cannot write or modify the files on the web browser by visiting ftp: //LAN IP of your TP-Link router in local network or ftp: //WAN IP of your TP-Link router via internet. It is suggested for you to modify the files of hard drives on your computer via FTP protocol as the following way:

1. Go to my Computer on your computer and type ftp: //LAN IP of your TP-Link router in local network or ftp: //WAN IP: Port of your TP-Link router via internet, then press Enter.

2. Then, you would be able to access and modify files of your hard drives.

Step 3: please check whether this issue happens on various client devices or a certain client device.

If this problem is found on all of your client devices, it would be related to TP-Link router or the USB sharing settings which you have set. However, if this issue is only happened on a certain client device, then it would be more related to some settings of this client device and it is more suggested for you to contact the support this certain device to verify whether USB sharing or other files sharing settings are set successfully.

Step 4: collect above info and contact TP-Link technical support.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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