How to Submit a Request for a Replacement Product on the TP-Link Product Registration System

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If you have not yet registered your product you can click here for steps on how to register it.

Step 1: Open a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari), and browse to ‘’. Then log in with your TP-Link ID.


Step 2: Go to Account Info, then click the Edit icon in the middle of the page.


Step 3: Fill in your contact information, click ‘Save Address’ and enter your physical shipping address, then click ‘Submit’.


*Note:  TP-Link cannot ship to PO Box address. Addresses must be a physical address.

Step 4:  Contact TP-Link technical support to troubleshoot your product.  If technical support confirms your product is defective and still under warranty, they will create an RMA request for your product. 

Step 5:  Click on Replacement on the left sidebar.  You will see RMA case for the defective product.


Step 6: Click on ‘Shipping Method


Step 7: Select your shipping address and chose your RMA shipping method, if you have no shipping address on file, click ‘+ New Address’ to add one.



*Note:  For an explanation of our shipping methods click here:

Step 8:  After you submit the RMA request, you will see a case summary like below:

*Note:  The Non-return Product will appear as a hold charge and will only be processed should the defective unit not be returned within 25 days of the RMA being submitted.For more detailed information about Advanced RMA, please clickTP-Link Shipping Methods and Advanced RMA Fees Explained


Step 9: Once Submitted, if applicable click ‘Pay’ to be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment process.

Note: If nothing happened when click "Pay", please refer to Why doesn’t it allow me to pay when I submit an RMA?

*Note: You can either sign in to your PayPal account or complete the Guest form.

Step 10: Once you have completed the payment form you will be redirected back to the Product Registration System, where you can view the status under Replacement page.





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