How to make my Kasa devices work with IFTTT

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IFTTT, short for IF This Then That, is a free web service that makes your home smarter by creating useful connections between devices, apps, services and websites.

These connections, called Applets, work using a Trigger and an Action: If something happens, then do something else.

In KASA devices, Smart Plugs, Smart Switches, Smart Bulbs are IFTTT-supported, however they Do Not support working as Triggers, only work as Actions.

To use IFTTT Service, you need:

  • Install IFTTT app on your phone and create a free IFTTT account.

Download IFTTT app in APP Store or Google play and register an IFTTT account

  • A KASA device and a TP-Link KASA account. No KASA Account?
  • If use a WIFI router as Trigger, make sure your router is IFTTT-supported, and router has a cloud account.

In this FAQ, we use LB130 smart bulb as example to achieve “If a cell phone connect to Router’s Wi-Fi network (Trigger), then turn on Living room lamp (Action).”

Note: You can also visit IFTTT official website to register IFTT account and follow similar steps to connect your device to the IFTTT. In this FAQ we take the APP method for example.

Step1.Create a Trigger

  1. Open IFTTT app, go to "My Applets" and tap on "+" icon on the top right to add a new Applet.

  1. Tap on "This" to create a Trigger. In the searching bar, put in brand of your router. Here we select “TP-Link router” and tap on “Connect” to continue.

  1. Connect your Router account.

A page will pop up asking your Router’s cloud account and password, please put in the cloud account your router bound to, then click "Authorize" to link your router account.

  1. After authorized successfully, a message pops up saying” Open this page in IFTTT “, tap on “Open” to continue. Since we want trigger fires when a cell device connects to router, here we choose “iPhone ” and tap on “Create trigger”. Now we completed the Trigger setup process.

Step2.Create an Action

  1. Select "That" and let’s begin to create an Action. Type in “KASA” in the searching bar and tap on “TP-LINK KASA” icon.

  1. Choose Action.

Here we select “Turn on” as Action since we want to turn on lamp. Tap on “Connect” to continue.

  1. Connect your KASA account.

A page will pop up asking KASA account and password, please put in your Kasa account then click "Authorize" to connect your Kasa account. After authorized successfully, tap on “Open” and continue set up in IFTTT app.

  1. Configure action.

Select your KASA device that needs to be turned on, and tap on “Create Action”, tap on “Next” on the top right corner and we now complete the Action setup process. Tap on “Finish” to finish the whole setup.

Step 3. The new Applet will show up on the IFTTT app. At this moment, if Cell phone connect to router’s Wi-Fi network, then lamp will turn on afterwards.

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