How do I configure Dynamic DNS on TL-WR820N?

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Updated 12-27-2018 06:49:49 AM 11230
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Dynamic DNS (Domain Name System) allows you to assign a fixed host and domain name to a dynamic Internet IP address. It is useful when you are hosting your own website, FTP server, or another server behind the router. To begin, you need to sign up with a Dynamic DNS service provider such as Then, enter your registration information.

1. Visit, and log in with the password you set for the router.

How do I log in web-based interface/utility of TL-WR820N?

2. Go to Advanced > Advanced Users > Dynamic DNS.

3. Select your Dynamic DNS service provider.

4. Enable the Dynamic DNS client.

5. Enter the username and password of your Dynamic DNS account. If you do not have an account, click Go to register… to register an account.

6. Enter domain name you registered with the Dynamic DNS service provider.

7. Click Save.

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