What is Kasa Care?

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Kasa Care is a cloud-based service that allows users to view and download activity recordings from a Kasa Cam.

When you purchase a Kasa Cam, you’ll be able to enjoy our Kasa Care cloud service.

Your Camera’s activity recordings are stored to your Kasa account and you can review, download, and share these recordings within certain days in the activity center on your Kasa app.

When you register a Kasa Cam, you can enjoy the free Kasa Care service.

With the free service, you will have access to 12 hours or 2 days of video history for the Kasa cameras, depending on the model number of the camera. 

To access video history more than 12 hours or 2 days, you have to upgrade to one of our paid subscription plans.

  Plus Plan Premium Plan Free Plan
Pricing Pay monthly:  $3 per month, per camera OR Pay annually: $30 per year, per camera Pay monthly: $10 per month, per account  OR Pay annually: $100 per year, per account Free
Service items

Per Camera

  • 30 Days of Video History
  • Manual Clip Recording
  • Video Sharing
  • Activity Notifications with Snapshots

Per Account

  • 30 Days of Video History
  • Manual Clip Recording
  • Video Sharing
  • Activity Notifications with Snapshots
  • Up to 10 Cameras

Available with or without a cloud storage plan

  • Live Streaming
  • Push-to-Talk
  • Activity Zones
  • Activity Notifications


* For the free plan:

  1. For the details of the free plan, please follow this link. At the end of each plan, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the paid plans to keep using cloud services.
  2. The 2-year/1-year free plan starts timing after the camera is set up successfully.

* 30 days of video history – With 30 days of video history, you can see every event captured by your camera through a clip. The video history includes an activity recording clip, a snapshot of the detected activity, and the time the activity was recorded over the past 30 days

* Video sharing – Just tap the share button and you can quickly post your Kasa Cam clip to your preferred social media platform or share it directly with your friends and family. You can also download Kasa Cam clips to your mobile phone or tablet to keep them for long-stem storage.

* Rich notifications - When your Kasa Cam detects motion or sound, you’ll be alerted with a push notification featuring a snapshot of the detected activity, letting you decide at-a-glance if you need to respond now or later.

* Up to 10 Cameras – Kasa Care Premium represents fantastic value for multi-camera households, giving you access to all paid Kasa Care features for up to 10 cameras; it’s the way to go if you have four or more cameras.


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