What are the Differences between the TP-Link Router Skill and TP-Link Kasa Skill?

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TP-Link developed both skill platforms to control and customize your home network through the use of simple voice commands.  The differences between them are determined by the products they are designed to control.

With TP-Link Router Skill, you can use voice commands to control your TP-Link Wi-Fi products, such as wireless routers like Archer C5400 V2+, and whole-home Wi-Fi products like Deco M5.

Note: TP-Link Router Skill contains two kinds of skills, custom skill, and native skill. When using custom skills, you need to add the TP-Link prefix to voice commands. While using native skills, no prefix is needed.

Currently, only Deco M5 supports TP-Link native skill. But don’t worry, more models will support this feature in future updates.

With TP-Link Kasa Skill, you can use voice commands to control your TP-Link Smart Home products such as Smart Plugs, Smart Bulbs, or Smart Switches. This includes products such as Smart Plug HS110 and Smart Bulb LB110.



TP-Link Router Skill

TP-Link Kasa Skill


Wi-Fi products

Smart Home products


Custom skill:

“Alexa, ask TP-Link to turn on my router’s lights.”

TP-Link” must be included in the commands.


Native skill:

“Alexa, turn on the guest Wi-Fi.”

“Alexa, turn on my Bedroom lights.”

There are no special words you need to include in the commands.

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