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AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender

  • Simultaneous 300Mbps on 2.4GHz + 867Mbps on 5GHz totals 1.2Gbps Wi-Fi speeds*

  • 2 dual band external antennas and 600mW high-powered amplifiers eliminate “dead zones” and greatly extend your existing wireless coverage

  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports provide gigabit speed for wired connections

  • High Speed mode creates a lightning fast wireless connection for bandwidth-intensive tasks

  • Works with any Wi-Fi router or wireless access point

  • TP-LINK Tether App provides an easier way to access and manage the range extender on your iOS and Android devices

Excellent Wireless Extension

Wi-Fi Range Extender


Extend Your Wi-Fi Coverage

With two external dual band antennas and high-power amplifiers, the RE380D can establish a stable wireless connection to any router and augment your network's wireless coverage further. The device also reduces signal interference to ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or office.

  • 600mW High Power Amplifiers

  • 2 Dual Band Antennas

  • Works with Any Wi-Fi Router

*Maximum extended Wi-Fi coverage specification is based on performance test results. Actual Wi-Fi coverage may vary due to different environment, building material and wireless interferences.

  • 867Mbps

  • 300Mbps

  • 2.4GHz

  • 5GHz

Dual Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi

With next generation 11ac standard Wi-Fi, the RE380D offers combined data transfer speeds of up to 1.2Gbps, including 867Mbps on the 5GHz band and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. You can count on the RE380D to provide reliable connections for bandwidth-intensive tasks, such as HD/4K streaming, lag-free online gaming, and large file downloads.

Amazing Online Experience for Wired Devices

With five built-in gigabit Ethernet ports, the RE380D can provide fast, stable connections to all of your favorite wired devices, including smart TVs, game consoles, and blu-ray players.

  • Smart TV

  • Game Console

  • Blu-ray Player

Easy Setup
  • Push the WPS Button on the existing router
  • Push the RE Button on the range extender
  • Connection complete
Quick Positioning

The Intelligent Signal Indicator helps you quickly find the best location for your range extender and start enjoying optimal performance.

  • Blue:
  • Good connection
Sleep in Peace

The LED indicators on the unit can be turned on and off manually, or according to a fixed schedule, ensuring that the lights will not distract you or disturb your sleep. Turning the LED indicators off when they are not in use is also an easy way to conserve electricity.

Easy Monitoring and Remote Control

The intuitive Tether app allows you to easily monitor the status of your range extender, control its functions, and alter its settings using any compatible mobile device remotely.

You can download the Tether App
for your iOS or Android phones.

Flexible Display

The RE380D can be oriented vertically, as can its display. This means that you can enjoy expanded coverage and better connections, taking full advantage of the range extender’s functionality without compromising your stringent aesthetic expectations.

Interface 5 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Port (RJ45)
Button RE (Range Extender) Button, Reset Button, LED Button, Power Button
Input Power 100-240V~50/60Hz
External Power Supply 12V/2A
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 9.5 x 6.4 x 1.7 in. (242 x 162 x 44mm)
Antenna 2 dual band detachable antennas
Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Frequency 2.4GHz & 5GHz(11ac)
Signal Rate 5GHz:Up to 867Mbps
2.4GHz:Up to 300Mpbs
Reception Sensitivity 5GHz:
11a 6Mbps: -92dBm@10% PER
11a 54Mbps: -74dBm@10% PER
11ac HT20 MCS8:-66dBm@10% PER
11ac HT40 MCS9: -62dBm@10% PER
11ac HT80 MCS9: -58.5dBm@10% PER
11g 54M: -76dBm@10% PER
11n HT20 MCS7: -73dBm@10% PER
11n HT40 MCS7: -70.5dBm@10% PER
Transmit Power CE:
Wireless Modes Range Extender
Wireless Functions Concurrent Mode boost both 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi band
High Speed Mode for great speed for HD Gaming and video
Access Control
LED Control
Domain Login Function
Wireless Security 64/128-bit WEP
Certification FCC, RoHS
Package Contents AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE380D
RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
2 detachable antennas
Power adapter
Quick Installation Guide
Box Dimensions (W X D X H) 13.4 x 9.4 x 3.0 in. (340 x 240 x 76mm)
System Requirements Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10,
Mac® OS, NetWare®, UNIX® or Linux
Environment Operating Temperature: 0°C~30°C (32°F~86°F)
Storage Temperature: -40°C~70°C (-40°F~158°F)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing

*Maximum wireless transmission rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Range and coverage specifications along with the number of connected devices were defined according to test results under normal usage conditions. Actual wireless transmission rate, wireless coverage, and number of connected devices are not guaranteed, and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity, and network overhead and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection quality, and client condition.

Actual network speed may be limited by the rate of the product's Ethernet WAN or LAN port, the rate supported by the network cable, Internet service provider factors and other environmental conditions.