What is Kasa Care?

*Note: All Kasa Cams require and only work with the Kasa for Mobile App 

Kasa Care is a cloud based service to allow for the viewing and downloading of Video captures from a Kasa Cam.  When you purchase a Kasa Cam, you’ll have the option of enjoying our Kasa Care cloud service.  Your Camera’s activity recordings are stored to your Kasa account and you can review and download these recordings for up to 30 days, from the activity center in your Kasa app.


When you register a Kasa Cam, your camera is automatically enrolled in a 30-day free trial of the Premier Kasa Care service.  The premium service allows access to video recordings for 30 days.  After the free trial ends, your account will automatically be changed to the Free Basic service.  With the Basic service, you will only have 2-days of access to recorded videos.   You will have to upgrade to one of our paid subscription plans to be able to access more than 2 days of video history.


We are currently in public beta of our Kasa Care subscription service until the middle of March 2018. Please enjoy your free access to 30-days of video history during this period.


If you need further assistance contact TP-Link Customer Support here

This Article Applies to:
KC120( V1 )
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