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Automate Your Home with Smart Actions

By TP-Link Editorial Group

What if you could turn off all your home devices with just one simple tap when you leave home? Or imagine that all the lights come on automatically at sunset. Sounds pretty convenient and intelligent, doesn’t it?

With Smart Actions, giving your home that level of intelligence is a snap.

Smart Actions automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to blaze through tedium with utmost ease. Set everything up once and never have to worry about it again.

For Tapo devices, there are two kinds of Smart Actions—Shortcut and Automation.


Shortcut lets you perform an action with a simple tap. It takes a preset group of smart devices (such as smart plugs and smart bulbs) and allows you to customize and control them simultaneously with a touch of your smartphone or tablet to set your mood or fit any special occasion easily.

For example, when you are ready for bed, you can turn off your smart devices and dim the lights with one action. Rather than turning everything off one by one.


Automation allows you to automate tasks to be performed at a set time. For example, you might want to turn the lights on a few minutes before you get home from work every weekday. Of course, you can do this manually, but that can be tedious, especially if you forget to do it one day.

With Automation, just set the trigger time and add the action with all the lights you want to turn on from within the app. Then every day at that time, all the lights will automatically switch on. This is the perfect way to add a bit of automation to your home.

Automating your home allows you to complete tasks instantly and simultaneously. You don’t even have to think about it from the moment you wake up to the moment you drift asleep. Smart Actions make your home not only safer but more comfortable.

For detailed instructions of Smart Actions in the Tapo app, refer to How to create an automation or a shortcut of my Tapo device

TP-Link Editorial Group