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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Limited Warranty

TP-Link UK provides a limited warranty on all eligible TP-Link products purchased in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The limited warranty is only valid for products originally purchased from TP-Link UK authorized distributor or retailer. Any product which is purchased from private person or unauthorized dealer is in the risk not to be entitled to receive TP-Link UK warranty service.

The warranty time starts from the purchase date of your original product no matter how many replacements are made during the warranty period.

The warranty covers the main device, antenna and external power supply for any material or workmanship defects. Packaging, various cables, software products, technical data and other accessories are not covered under this warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by physical abuse, accident, natural disaster, or use which is different from the TP-Link’s advice and instructions.

TP-Link UK will only be able to replace defective product with a same model or an equivalent product. No option of upgrading to or substituting different products. The maximum liability of TP-Link UK is equal to, and no higher than the products purchased price.

TP-Link UK will not provide refund or reimburse postage for faulty items being returned for replacement.

TP-Link UK is not responsible for International Warranty Service. The warranty service is only valid for all eligible TP-Link products which are purchased and used in the UK & Ireland. Any other additional warranty service agreed during purchase shall only be effective based on the contract signed by TP-Link UK.

Proof of purchase and a complete product serial number are required to receive any services guaranteed as part of the limited warranty.

PLEASE RETAIN THE INVOICE OR RECEIPT to verify the purchase for any warranty claim.TP-Link UK may decline to offer warranty service if the effective invoice or receipt is failed to be produced.

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Warranty Period

From 18th Jan. 2021, TP-LINK UK official launched the TP-Link Registration & Warranty System, all customers will be required to register product when you claim warranty service. For more information about this system, please kindly check here: “Introduction of Registration & Warranty System”

Product type Warranty Period
TP-Link SOHO Products 3 Years
TP-Link Smart Home Products 2 Years*
Accessories & Outdoor AP & Antennas 2 Years*
TP-Link SMB Products Limited Lifetime Warranty*
TP-Link VIGI Surveillance 3 Years
External Battery Within Below Product Package & Bluetooth Adapter 1 Year


*All smart home products which are produced after Sep.2019 is entitled for 2 years warranty.
*The lifetime warranty for all SMB products which are purchased after 15th May 2015. (T&C apply)
*The warranty for ‘’End of Life’’ (EOL) SMB products, will be 5 years and start from the date when any SMB product is announced as EOL.
*2 Years warranty for all power supplies of routers and switches.
*2 Years warranty for Robot Vacuums excludes wear and tear items that require regular replacement and maintenance.

Replacement Procedure

Express Replacement

If you are experiencing with the defective product under the warranty period, please first contact your original distributor or retailer regarding a refund or replacement. They will cover the cost of sending the faulty product back to them and could offer you a rapid replacement before the faulty product has been returned.


Standard Replacement

If your product is no longer qualify for distributor or online/retail store’s replacement policy, but still covered under TP-Link warranty terms and conditions, you may process it through TP-Link UK’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) program by following the steps:

  • Click here to view detailed procedures for Standard Service
  • Click here to view detailed procedures for Advanced Service-Deposit first

Contact us Troubleshooting Register the product Select your preferred service type Return defective product and Receive Replacement


1. Any warranty service made by the distributor or retailer is beyond this warranty policy and TP-Link UK shall not be held liable. Please obtain documents during purchase in order to be honoured by the distributor or retailer.
2. Any direct or indirect damage that prohibited the product to function normally, TP-Link UK shall only be liable for the duties stipulated by the UK law.
3. TP-Link UK shall neither, on any account, respond to any loss caused by damages such as improper use of applications and configurations, nor respond to any accusation put forward by a third party.
4. For health and safety reason, we would not accept the customer to drop off the faulty device at office for a replacement. All faulty devices are requested to return by post and the replacement will be processed through RMA procedure according RMA policy.
5. TP-Link UK reserves all rights including, but not limited to, any interpretation and modification of and to this warranty policy.
6. Since the UK has left the EU, Irish users may be required to pay customs duties (taxes) when receiving replacement packages from the UK.

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