At TP-Link, customer security comes first. That’s why we work diligently to ensure that our products include the highest level of security features, with firmware and hardware that protect customers and their devices from the latest threats.
To ensure that vulnerabilities are not maliciously exploited, TP-Link will not announce security vulnerabilities and details until fixes are made.

This form is ONLY for reporting Product Security or Vulnerability issues.
Security engineers and other technical experts can click here to submit feedback about our security features. Your information will be handled by our network security engineers. You will receive a reply in 1-3 working days.
Since vulnerability information is relatively sensitive, we strongly recommend that when reporting a potential security vulnerability to TP-Link, please use our public PGP key (Fingerprint: 49E2 CEAB ABD1 CAED E934 818E 4D1C F72C 29C9 C881) for encryption and submit technical details.

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Click to submit a security-related inquiry regarding one of our products to TP-Link Technical Support.

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