1. TP-Link reserves the right to refuse a network survey request based on a pre-qualification conversation.
  2. The customer agrees to prepare the site according to any instructions the TP-Link team may give prior to the survey taking place. The customer will provide TP-Link with reasonable access to; the site, relevant communications infrastructure, and agree to any other reasonable requests for information required to complete the survey.
  3. The customer will obtain any permissions required for TP-Link to undertake the site survey.
  4. The customer will also provide the appropriate staff to accompany TP-Link’s staff or contractors, where required by the site regulations.
  5. The customer and TP-Link will meet each other's reasonable safety and security requirements when on site. If the customer or TP-Link damages the other's equipment they must pay for any repair or replacement required. This does not apply where damage results from normal use.
  6. TP-Link will survey the site and will notify the customer once the survey is complete. TP-Link will provide the customer with a copy of the resulting survey report.
  7. TP-Link will endeavour to complete the survey by the date agreed with the customer, but all dates are estimates. If the customer delays or prevents TP-Link from undertaking the survey at the time agreed, TP-Link may claim a reasonable extension to any date agreed under clause.
  8. Except to the extent any disclosure is required by law, TP-Link and the customer will keep in confidence any information, whether written or oral, of a confidential nature obtained in connection with the survey.