How to Register a Product on TP-Link Product Registration System

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Updated 01-27-2021 06:58:53 AM 187195

Step 1:  Log into the Product Registration System:

*If you have not yet created a TP-Link ID click here.


Step 2:  Click on ‘Register a Product’.

Step 3:  Enter the serial number and place of purchase(Please click here to know how to find SN). The model will be automatically populated.  If you have the proof of purchase uploaded during this process. you will then be able to enter a date of purchase as well.  Once the form is filled out click ‘Submit’.


*Note:  If you need assistance finding your product serial number click here.

If you do not see a serial number on your product or package, follow these steps.

Step 1:  click ‘No Serial Number? 


Step 2: Input the model of your product, upload the Proof of Purchase, select the Place of Purchase, and input date of purchase and click ‘Submit’.


To view your products, go to the My Products page

To view more details about a specific product, click on the blue color model number under ‘My Products’. Product Details will be listed here.



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