Why my default wireless network name/SSID has been changed after upgrading the firmware?

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In previous firmware, we use like “TP-Link_2.4GHz_130918” and “TP-Link_5GHz_130917” to define the default SSID of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which may cause that some smart phone cannot display the whole part of the SSID. Therefore, it’s unable to make a distinction between 2.4GHz and 5GHz.Latter firmware have shorten the default SSID to eliminate this issue.
How to find the new wireless network name/SSID?
1.    As per the LAN MAC address on the back of the label.
This is the label of Archer C5 as an example.
LAN MAC address of Archer C5 is “E8-DE-27-83-4C-AA” The last digit A stands for 10.
The original 2.4GHz SSID is “TP-Link_2.4GHz_834CA9”;
The original 5GHz SSID is “TP-Link_5GHz_834CA8”.
Compared with the original default SSID:
The new 2.4GHz SSID is TP-Link_4CAA, which is defined by the last 4 digits of the MAC Address.
The new 5GHz SSID is TP-Link_4CA9_5Gwhich is defined by the last 4 digits of MAC address-1_5G of the MAC Address.
2.    Login to the management page of router. Please refer to [FAQ ID: 87] , if you don’t know how to login.
Click Wireless 2.4GHz/5GHz to find the new SSID.

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