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Q1: Does UB400/UB4A support Mac and Linux?

They only support Windows OS, in which Win8/8.1/10 is plug and play, and XP/7 requires driver installation.

Note: Because of the limitation of Windows OS, if the PC has a built-in Bluetooth adapter, the customer needs to manually disable the internal Bluetooth adapter to recognize UB400 and UB4A.


Q2:  What is the coverage of UB400/UB4A?

A: The barrier-free distance is 30-40 meters. But this distance will decrease with wireless interference and various obstacles such as walls.

Common wireless interferences include 2.4G interference, including 2.4G Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 devices, microwave ovens, other Bluetooth devices, etc.


Q3: Whether UB400 /UB4A supports BLE?

A; Yes.


Q4: Whether Peripheral role is supported on UB400/UB4A?

A: Yes.

Q5: What is Encryption type of UB400/UB4A?

A: SAFER+. 128bit encryption key length supported at most.


Q6: What audio code compression algorithms are supported by UB400/UB4A?

A:  It supports SBC. It doesn't support APT-X or APT-X HD.


Q7: What is the power class of UB400/UB4A?

A: Class 1.


Q8: Can I change the Bluetooth MAC address for UB400/UB4A?

You may try some third-party software such as Bluetooth MAC Address Changer to change the Bluetooth MAC address of UB40/UB4A.

Q9: How many Bluetooth devices can be connected to the UB4A?

UB4A supports at most 6 Bluetooth devices but only 1 Bluetooth device can be used at the same time.

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