How to log into the Web-based management interface of 11ac wireless access point?

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The web-based management page is a built-in internal web server that does not require internet access.  It does however require you device to be connected to the TP-Link device. This connection can be wired or wireless.

Note: Low version of your web browser may cause compatibility problem with the web-based interface(management page) of your device, such as unable to log into the interface, display incomplete features etc. 

Follow the steps below:

Note: AP500 is used for demonstration in this FAQ.


Step 1

Connect default wireless network name of AP500.

The default case-sensitive SSIDs (Network Names) and Wireless Password/PIN are printed on the product label.


Step 2

Launch your Web browser. Enter in the address field and press Enter.

Note:  The LAN IP changes by model. Please find it on the bottom label of the product.



Step 3

Upon initial login, please enter admin in the username and password fields.


Step 4

In the following pop-up window, it is recommended to change the device’s username and password from its default settings for network security. Enter and confirm new username and password, then click Confirm.

Note: For subsequent logins, you only need to enter the username and password that you have set to log in.

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