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What’s Important for Flawless Video Streaming?

Wifi6WiFi 5 or WiFi 6—the new standards feature powerful hardware and advanced technologies to support more devices with higher speeds. More about Wi-Fi 6 >

dualbandDual-Band or Higher—5 GHz WiFi is preferred for stable high-speed transmitting task, when 2.4 GHz WiFi carries regular devices’ transmission.

mumimoMU-MIMO—Enables simultaneous transmission to multiple devices, improving efficiency and reducing latency.

beamformingBeamforming—Concentrates signal strength towards connected devices to empower reception.

50+ Mbps Internet Speed from Your ISP

Smooth 4K and 8K.
Non-Stop Entertainment.

  • Play Multi 8K Videos
    Archer AX6000NEW
    Ultra-Fast Speed
  • 4K Videos and Live
    Archer AX20
    Archer AX20NEW
    Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6
  • Play Smooth 4K Videos
    Archer C6HOT
    Clear Dual-Band WiFi

Productive Wi-Fi for
Home Office and Studio.

  • Office WiFi 6 Powerhouse
    Archer AX90NEW
    Ultra-Fast Speed
  • Office WiFi, Great Range
    Archer C2300HOT
    VPN Support | USB Port
  • Essential VPN and USB
    Archer C7HOT
    VPN Server | USB Port

What’s Important for a Workspace Network?

wifi6WiFi 5 or WiFi 6—the new standards feature powerful hardware and advanced technologies to support more devices with higher speeds.

homecareAntivirus Services—Protects every device from the latest cyber threats with powerful up-to-date security system.*

guestGuest Network—Creates a separate network for your guests to secure the resources on main network.

vpnVPN—Set up a VPN server to enable secure remote access from outside.

usbUSB Port—Easily share files between connected devices by plugging into an external drive.

*Arhcer AX90, Archer C2300 

30+ Mbps Internet Speed from Your ISP

What’s Important for a Essential WiFi?

parentalParental Controls—Schedules internet access for specific devices, or block inappropriate online content.

guestGuest Network—Creates a separate network for your guests to secure the resources on main network.

qosQoS—Prioritizes devices and applications to get a faster performance.

10+ Mbps Internet Speed from Your ISP

Daily Wi-Fi
Loved by Everyone.

  • Our Most Popular WiFi 6
    Archer AX10HOT
    Matches iPhone 11 and S10+
  • Award-Winning Performance
    Archer C80HOT
    Super-Fast WiFi
  • Small yet Powerful
    Archer C54HOT
    Dual-Band | Compact Design

Extreme Online Gaming.
Furious LAN Party.

  • Tri-Band AX Gaming
    Archer AX11000HOT
    Top Hardware | Accelerator
  • AX Gaming
    Archer GX90NEW
    Game Band | Accelerator
  • Dedicated Gaming Band
    Archer C5400XHOT
    High Memory | Accelerator

Accelerate Your Gaming

Maximize the possibilities of your battling ways, no matter using wireless, cloud gaming, teaming with your friends, or holding a perfect LAN party at home.

Recommended Spec:

Game Accelerator—Detects and optimizes gaming streams, to keep your network as fast as your reaction speed.

GeForce NOW QoS—Prioritizes GeForce NOW™ streaming, delivering smooth and immersive cloud gaming experience.*

Game Statistics—See real-time latency, system-utilization, and game duration at a glance.

Game Protector—Keep accounts safe with up-to-date antivirus system powered by Trend Micro™

*GeForce NOW QoS now supports Archer C5400X. Coming soon for Archer AX11000 and Archer GX90.

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    • Tech Intro: Wi-Fi 6

      Fast. Broader. Unstoppable. Join TP-Link to explore the advancements made by the latest Wi-Fi standard—Wi-Fi 6.

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    • What's New: C24, C54

      Still using Wi-Fi 4? Archer C24 and Archer C54 are the easiest way to upgrade to Wi-Fi 5 now, wave goodbye to lagging and drops, and say hello to Wi-Fi 5.

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