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Name:Domain ITSP
Phone:+202-26700747 +202-22722760
Address:33 Abdel Hameed Awad,Nasr City
Name:Original for Computer أوريجينال للحاسبات
Phone:+20 2 2670 0127 / +20 2 2670 0128 ;
Address:16 Abo Hayan El-Tawhedy St., 7th Zone, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Name:Metra Group
Phone:+202 33034319
Address:30 Wadi Elnil, Metra Building, Giza
Name:Eyelid Technology (El Mahallah El Kobra)
Phone:+20102 9265095 / +20101 8125775
Address:Abo Rady, Bayt Awladna St. - El-Mahalla El-Kobra - El Gharbiya.
Name:2B (Downtown - Cairo)
Phone:16420 (HotLine)
Address:Bab El-louk St., El-Tahreer Downtown, Cairo. (Al-Bustan Mall)
Name:Digital Dreams (Downtown - Cairo)
Address:El Bostan Mall, Ground Floor, from El Tahreer Sq., Bab Ellooq.
Name:East Asia (Downtown - Cairo)
Phone:0223911738 - 01281806967
Address:El Bostan St., Bab Elooq, El Tahreer, Downtown. (El Bostan Mall)
Name:Egypt Laptop (Downtown - Cairo)
Phone:01098886006 - 01097457099
Address:El Bostan St., Bab Elooq, El Tahreer, Downtown. (El Bostan Mall) -1st floor & 2nd floor
Name:El Attar Technology (New Cairo)
Address:1St District Services Zone, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Marhaba Mall, Beside Court and El Hamd Mosque.
Name:GoNet (Downtown - Cairo)
Address:Elbostan Mall - First Floor - Cairo
Name:Smart IT Network (Downtown - Cairo)
Address:El Bostan Mall, from El Tahreer Sq., Bab Ellooq, Downtown, First floor
Name:United Advanced Systems (Downtown - Cairo)
Address:El-Bostan Mall - Ground floor - from El Tahreer Sq., Bab Ellooq.
Name:Digital Dreams (Downtown - Cairo)
Phone:02 23900517 / 01011531143
Address:El Bostan Mall, First Floor, from El Tahreer Sq., Bab Ellooq.
Name:East Asia (Mohandessin - Giza)
Phone:0233466475 - 01064415538
Address:7 Gam'et El Duwal El Arabiya St., Mohandessin, Giza. (Computer market mall)
Name:East Asia (Mohandessin - Giza)
Phone:0233051062 - 01281806961
Address:28 Gam'et El Duwal El Arabya St., Mohandessin, Giza. (Compucity Mall)
Name:ELAMIN (Downtown - Cairo)
Phone:02 22587236
Address:El Bostan Mall, El Ameen Shop, from El Tahreer Sq., Bab Ellooq, Downtown
Name:Friends (Faisal- Giza)
Address:6 Abdelaziz Elshafai St. Ellabiny, Fisal, Giza
Name:GoNet (Mohandessin - Giza)
Address:Sphinx Mall, Ground Floor, El Agouza, Giza
Name:2B (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:16420 (HotLine)
Address:Suncity Mall, First Floor B37, Sheraton, Heliopolis, Cairo
Name:Digital Dreams (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Address:Souk Al Asr, Second floor, shop number 220, from El Khalifa El Ma'moun St., Roxy, Heliopolis.
Name:Digital Dreams (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Address:7 El Sakhawy Mall Store No.22, from El Khalifa El Ma'moun St., Roxy, Heliopolis.
Name:East Asia (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:0224538358 - 01281806965
Address:50 El Khalifa El Mamoon St., Heliopolis, Cairo. (Souq El Asr Mall)
Name:East Asia (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:0224559401 - 01099161035
Address:7 El Sakhawy St., Heliopolis, Cairo. (El Sakhawi Mall)
Name:East Asia (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:0224507386 - 01281806962
Address:50 El Khalifa El Mamoon St., Heliopolis, Cairo. (Souq Al Asr Mall)
Name:El Badr (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:0222563391 / 01003445955
Address:7 El-Sakhawy St. Computer Mall 1st & 2nd Floor, Roxy
Name:Elharameen (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:01013054477 - 01093500233
Address:9 Elsakhawy Mall, from El Khalifa El Ma'moun St., Roxy, Heliopolis.
Name:Gonet (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:01009000318 / 01009000314
Address:Souq Elasr Mall, Ground Floor, Store No.119, El Khalifa El Ma'moun St., Roxy, Heliopolis.
Name:GoNet (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:01028577119 - 01025448898
Address:Souq Elasr Mall, Ground Floor, Store No. 120B, from El Khalifa El Ma'moun St., Roxy, Heliopolis.
Name:MyCom (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Phone:+2 02 24500855 - +201093253331 / +201205608988
Address:7 El Sakhawy St., Roxy, Heliopolis, Cairo.
Name:United Advanced Systems (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Address:50 El-Khalifa El-Ma'moun St. - Souq El-Asr for Computer - Shop 102 - Roxy - Heliopolis.
Name:United Advanced Systems (Heliopolis - Cairo)
Address:50 El-Khalifa El-Ma'moun St. - El-Sakhawi Mall - 2nd floor - Shop 102 - Roxy - Heliopolis.
Name:2B (Nasr City - Cairo)
Phone:16420 (HotLine) / +20222877416
Address:Head Office Tower 3, Al-Serag Building, Nasr City, Cairo
Name:Digital Dreams (Nasr City - Cairo)
Address:Technology Mall shop number 319
Name:Egypt Laptop (Nasr City - Cairo)
Address:Technology Mall, beside Al-Serag Mall, Nasr City, Cairo
Name:Eyelid Technology
Address:Technology Mall, third floor, Store 308 - 8th area - Nasr City.
Name:Eyelid Technology (Nasr City - Cairo)
Address:Technology Mall, third floor, Store 317 - 8th area - Nasr City.
Name:2B (6th October - Cairo)
Phone:16420 (HotLine)
Address:Mall Of Arabia, Gate 21 / G442, 6th October
Name:Egypt Laptop (Alexanderia)
Address:5 street 311, from Mustafa Kamel St., front of Smoha club, Alexanderia
Name:El Safa (Alexanderia)
Phone:03 4257959 - 03 4200150
Address:Building 8 and 14 in 311 street , from mostafa el nahas street
Name:Telecom Stores (Alexandria)
Phone:034273964 - 01001882060
Address:17 Victor Emmanuel St. - Smouha - Alexandria - Egypt
Name:Telecom Stores (Alexandria)
Phone:034267610 - 01091096997
Address:51 El-Adib Mohamed Zaitoon St., Smouha
Name:Telecom Stores (Alexandria)
Phone:033927123 - 01011625355
Address:6 Baghdad ST., Moharam Bik
Name:United Advanced Systems (Alexanderia)
Address:Smooha - Computer Mall - Rasha Tower - 1st floor
Name:United Advanced Systems (Alexanderia)
Address:Smooha - Victor Emmanuel St. -Front of Smooha Club - Computer Mall.
Name:United Advanced Systems (Alexanderia)
Phone:03/ 4268905 - 01063999224 / 01155903821
Address:Smooha - 6 Mohamed Zaytoon St. - Computer Mall.
Name:Egypt Laptop (Menufiya)
Address:Gamal Abdel Nasser St, next to the management of Menoufia University, in front of Delta Market Shebeen El Koum.
Name:Egypt Laptop (Portsaid)
Address:Al - Sakr Mall, Al-Gomhouria Street with Ahmad Shawqi St.
Name:Egypt Laptop (Asyut)
Address:Yosry Ragheb St. - Front of Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Name:El Yabania (Zagazig)
Address:EL Yabania store, mall Dubai, Zagazig, Egypt.

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