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  • Sun Rise Alex Avenue

    TP-Link Business Wi-Fi Solutions allow hospitality firms to build reliable in Sun Rise Alex Avenue, cost-effective wireless networks that drive progress and keep guests coming back for another stay. There are many challenges faced us like Inconsistent coverage and poor in-room signal, Providing pervasive, fast Internet throughout the building, Seamless communication, securing networks.

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  • Helnan Dreamland Hotel

    TP-Link Egypt Creates a WIFI Coverage & Centralized management for entire Wi-Fi network For Helnan Dreamland Hotel

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  • Rehana Royal Beach Resort

    TP-Link Egypt Creates a WIFI Coverage with Wi-Fi network management For Rehana Royal Beach Resort

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  • Seti Sharm Resort

    Seti Sharm Resort staff and customers are extremely satisfied with the TP-Link Wi-Fi solution that provides an intelligent and reliable network services in lobbies, rooms and resturant.

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  • MQR Spaces

    MQR, formerly AlMaqarr, is a leading coworking space in Egypt that provides an organic space for idea stage entrepreneurs to collaborate and gain support to further their ideas and transform them into sustainable projects and businesses.

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  • Armor hotel-Cairo

    TP-Link Egypt Creates a WIFI Coverage For Armor Hotel's new branch

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  • City Seasons Hotel

    Improving Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty with Great Wi-Fiat City Seasons Hotel

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  • Shuraa Facilities Management LLC

    Shuraa Facilities Management LLC Chooses TP-link for Wireless Service Deployments

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  • Hotel Mary Colombia

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to Economy Hotels in Colombia

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  • Kos Aktis Art Hotel

    TP-Link Provides Better Wi-Fi for the Unique Destination in Greece

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  • Barranquilla Plaza Hotel

    TP-Link Helps Barranquilla Plaza Hotel Build a Reliable and Efficient Network

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  • Al Hayat Hotel

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage toAl Hayat Hotel Apartments in Sharjah

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  • Nile Egyptian School Aswan

    The Egyptian Nile Schools are schools that offer a distinguished educational system with international standards and an Egyptian identity, so that the student gets this. Schools have the Egyptian Certificate of Completion of Pre-University Education, which qualifies them to enroll in universities, whether at home or abroad.

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  • The Faculty of Specific Education - Menoufia University

    The Faculty of Specific Education, one of the faculties of Menoufia University, provides its community with a qualitative teacher who has acquired knowledge and skills of specialization (home economics - art education - educational technology - educational media "journalism - theater" - music education).

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  • Europa Shule Kairo, International German School

    TP-Link Egypt Creates a WIFI Coverage & Centralized management for entire Wi-Fi network For Europa Shule Kairo

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  • Habitat School

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to Habitat Ajman School in Ajman, UAE

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  • Calasanz School

    TP-Link Helps Calasanz School Provide Wireless Coverage in Colombia

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  • Chase Grammar School

    TP-Link Helps Chase Grammar School Accelerate Learning with BYOD

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  • TSUI WAH Restaurant

    TP-LINK Helps TSUI WAH Restaurant Provide Wi-Fi Coverage in Hong Kong

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  • Tang Palace Restaurant

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage for Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant in Dubai

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  • Texas Roadhouse

    TP-Link Helps Texas Roadhouse Build Reliable Network

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  • Sim Lim Square

    Singapore’s largest IT and electronics shopping mall, Sim Lim Square, deploys TP-Link Auranet Indoor Wi-Fi solution

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  • ISP Citynet

    TP-Link Offered Citynet Reliable and High-Speed Data Transfer for Network Service

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  • Soborka ISP

    TP-Link Helps ISP Soborka Provide Better Service for Subscribers

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  • Peru WISP

    TP-Link Helps WISP to Provide Reliable Wireless Connectivity in Peru

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  • ADINET WISP in Indonesia

    TP-Link Helps Local WISP Provide Long Distance Wireless Connectivity in Indonesia

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  • ISKRAEMECO Factory-Cairo

    ISKRAEMECO Factory-Egypt Office and Workshops WIFI Coverage

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  • Emirates Hills - Villa 23

    TP-LinkHelps Emirates Hills-Villa 23 Build a Reliable and Efficient Network

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  • Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group

    TP-Link Provides Wireless Coverage to the Staff Accommodation in Dubai

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  • Staff Accommodation for Roda Hotels

    TP-Link Helps Employees of Roda Hotels Stay Connected

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Big Events

  • Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

    Many network technologies such as XGS-PON help Covid-19 Vaccine Center

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  • East European Comic Con

    TP-Link Provides Internet Access for East European Comic Con for the Fourth Year Running

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  • TV Skyline

    TP-Link Offered TV Skyline Reliable Data Transfer and Failure Safety for Live Broadcasting

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