Infinite Synergy

Powered by Smart Actions

Smart Actions:
Shape and Refresh your Life

( Tap, Device, Time )

( Executed by IoT Devices )

A Wealth of Life Patterns, Tailored by You, for You

It’s like an experiment on building interlinks among all the Smart Home devices you ever configure.
Try to customize easy, automatic, intelligent life patterns, by creating your personal Smart Actions.



Away Mode On

WARNING! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no escape from my house.

Secure Your Real Estate, 24/7
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One Tap to Connect all Tapo Devices

TP-Link Simple Setup


Less Hurdles.
More Simplicity.

Use the in-App templates to experience a quick set-up procedure of Smart Actions.

Leaving Home

Leaving Home

One Tap on Your App

Turn off Tapo Devices Remotely

Scan the QR code to download Tapo app.
* More shortcuts will be available soon.

Scan the QR code to download.
* More shortcuts will be available soon.


Discover Smart Devices-Crafted by Tapo

Smart Light

Smart Plug

Motion Sensor

Smart Hub

Smart Camera

Smart Button

Smart Contact Sensor

Temperature & Humidity Senso

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