Can Sky Q work with Deco?

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Can Sky Q box work with Deco?

The Sky Q box can work with Deco and it’s recommended to build a wired Sky Q network among Sky Q boxes and Deco for more stable performance.

When Sky Q box and Sky Q mini box are connected wirelessly, their own Wi-Fi may be causing interference to the router's Wi-Fi network and stream video easily takes up most of the bandwidth, which would cause slow or unstable problem in the network.

The wired connection is faster and more stable than a wireless connection, wire the Sky Q box to the router, and wiring the Sky Q mini box to the Sky Q box will make the network more stable and perform better thus we suggest building a wired Sky Q network.

If you want to learn more about Sky Q box and Deco, please refer to:

What can I do if Sky Q can’t work with Deco?

Problem Phenomenon:

We have encountered issues such as the Sky Q box and Sky Q Mini box freezing when connecting to Deco, Deco or the connected devices have unstable or slow speed problems when the Sky Q box is connected, etc.


1. Update the firmware of the Sky Q box to the latest

2. Disable Sky Q’s 2.4G and 5G Network and build a wired Sky Q network

It is highly recommended that you disable the 2.4G and 5G wireless networks on all Sky Q box and Sky Q Mini boxes and instead use a wired connection to connect each Sky Q box to Deco units. A typical Sky Q wired deployment is shown in the diagram.

3. Change the Wi-Fi channel used by Sky Q

For Sky Q boxes (Main and Mini) that cannot use a wired connection and can only keep the wireless network on, it is recommended to switch the 5G channel used by the Sky Q box from the default 80MHz/ch.36 to either 40MHz/ch.36 or 40MHz/ch.44. Both of these options are worth a try.

Following these adjustments, execute the Network Optimization function within the Deco app to align the Deco system with an optimal channel.

4. Turn off the Sky Q Wi-Fi Hotspots

Turn off the Sky Q Wi-Fi Hotspots for all the Sky Q and Sky Q Mini boxes as per Turn off Sky Q Wi-Fi hotspots | Sky Help |

5. Contact TP-Link Technical Support

If your problem persists, please contact TP-Link Technical Support with the following information:

1) What Sky Q devices are you using in total? Have you used any other devices besides Sky Q box and Sky Q Mini box such as Sky Q Hub?

2) Network diagrams (as shown in previous pictures, describing how Deco units are connected and how Deco units are connected to the Sky Q devices).

3) Screenshots of the network settings on each Sky Q box.

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