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Is it necessary to upgrade to Wi-Fi 7 Mesh system when I am currently using Wi-Fi 5/6 wireless devices?

Absolutely, the purpose of having a Wi-Fi 7 Mesh is improving speeds/reducing latency everywhere in the house.

The overall performance of the Deco BE95 would be much better than the previous models at the same position of the house, because of the powerful W-Fi 7 backhaul connections.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about compatibility, Deco BE95 has backward compatibility with Wi-Fi 4/5/6/6E clients. Your older devices would still be able to join the network without any issues.

Can the two ports of the Combo Port be used at the same time?

No, they cannot work at the same time. When one of the Combo Port is up, the other port will go into the inactive state.

I have a broadband subscription of over 1Gbps, why is the speed of my PC still lower than 1Gbps even when I am using the 10G port on the Deco?

1. Make sure the Ethernet Adapter of your PC supports over 1Gbps.

2. Confirm your ISP speed by connecting your PC directly to the modem.

3. Check the physical link speed between the Deco and your PC: How to check the associated/link speed on a wired client

4. Use a Cat6 or above Ethernet cable.

Can I still use my older Deco units after getting a Deco BE95?

Yes, you can add the new Deco BE95 to the existing Deco network, and then set it as the new main Deco. They will still form a seamless roaming network.

How to Setup the Satellite Deco to be the Main Deco

Please note that the MLO network is only available on the BE95 because other Wi-Fi 6/6E models don’t have MLO capability.

Can my older wireless devices connect to the MLO network?

Yes, older clients would still be able to connect to the MLO network, as long as it supports 5GHz and WPA3 encryption. However, the MLO feature will not take effect if the client does not support it. To use MLO, both the Router and the Client should have Wi-Fi 7 capability.

You may check the Wi-Fi 7 availability of your phone/laptop with the vendor.

How does the IoT Network work? Should I use it?

It is an individual network apart from the main/guest network, designed for only connecting IoT devices. It has 2G/5G capability, 6G is not available on IoT networks because most IoT devices don’t support 6GHz wireless yet. In addition, devices connected to the IoT network would be isolated from the main network for security and easy management purposes.

Apart from the Deco BE95, other Deco models will release updates in a rolling basis to include this feature.

More details about the IoT Network:

How to use the USB Sharing feature?

The USB Port on the Deco BE95 supports USB 3.0 Speed, which equals to “USB 3.2 gen1”, read/write speed of USB sharing mostly depends on the USB device itself and the network speed between your share client and the Deco unit.

The supported sharing types are “Samba” and “FTP”, with basic authentication.

Time Machine Backup is supported as well.

VPN Server/Client on Deco configuration guide

Refer to the FAQ How to set up VPN Server/VPN Client on Deco router

What can I do if my devices are not seeing the 6G Wi-Fi network of Deco Wi-Fi 6E/7 products?

  1. Make sure the 6GHz network is enabled, you may check this on the Deco app>>>Wi-Fi Settings.
  2. Make sure your client device supports 6GHz Wi-Fi, drivers and system are all up to date.
  3. Make sure you are using the Deco and the client device in a country that allows Wi-Fi 6E/7 operation.
  4. Still having issues? Please contact us here.

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