Encountering an Error When Adding a Deco

Updated 07-12-2023 22:06:31 PM 406034
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When you add a new Deco as a satellite to your Deco Mesh Network, you may encounter an error, and the unit may not successfully be added. This FAQ will explain the error messages and how to solve them.

Error Codes:

“Failed to Add This Device” – The new Deco satellite encountered an issue when joining the network and could not complete the process.

“Couldn’t Find Any New Deco” – The Deco App could not find a new Deco node that was not already connected to the network.

For Deco X/XE, and BE series models, Mesh nodes within the same package are pre-configured. Once the main Deco is set up, satellite nodes will automatically join the mesh network after powering up. If not, please reset the Satellite Deco and wait for the Satellite Deco’s Status LED to turn solid green.

For 802.11ac series Deco models, please refer to the suggestions below:

  1. Make sure the satellite Deco’s Status LED is pulsing blue (for Deco M3W, only the power LED will be solid white, and the other lights will be off). If not, please hold the reset pinhole for 1 second, and wait for the LED to change from solid yellow to pulsing blue.
  2. Move the satellite Deco node closer to the main Deco.
  3. For Deco P7/M5/M9 Plus, tap Try Again, and then tap the "Setup via Bluetooth" option to complete the setup steps (please temporarily disconnect any Bluetooth devices from the phone during this step).

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