Archer TBE550E

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BE9300 Wi-Fi 7 Bluetooth 5.4 PCIe Adapter

  •      Unparalleled Tri-Band Speed — Boost your overall speeds up to 5760 Mbps (6 GHz) + 2880 Mbps (5 GHz) + 688 Mbps (2.4 GHz)
  •      WiFi 7 Standard — Unleash the full potential of the 6 GHz band to double the bandwidth of the last generation.
  •      Wider Signal Coverage — Two multi-directional antennas with a magnetized base are designed for optimal signal reception.
  •      Reliable Bluetooth 5.4 — Security and reliability improvement than last-gen high-speed Bluetooth 5.3
  •      Improved Security — The latest security enhancement, WPA3, provides enhanced protection in personal password safety.
  •      Fast Installation with USB Drive — Plug in the resource USB drive provided with Archer TBE550E to quickly drive without network. Enjoy the simple and friendly adapter installation.
  •      Multicolor Wi-Fi Status Lighting — Equipped with vibrant LED lighting effects, the base provides an intuitive indication of network status, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.
  •      Supported Operating System Windows 11(64-bit) only​​​​​​​
  • TP-Link Archer TBE550E|World’s 1st Wi-Fi 7 Tri-Band PCIe Network Adapter

Supercharge Your Desktop with Wi-Fi 7

BE9300 Wi-Fi 7 Bluetooth 5.4 PCIe Adapter

Archer TBE550E

Supercharge Your Desktop with

Maximized Coverage

Multicolor Wi-Fi Status Lighting




Touch Switch

Bluetooth 5.4

USB Drive Quick Install

Refined Security

Unrivaled Wi-Fi 7 Technology

Wi-Fi 7 unlocks the full potential of the 6 GHz band, doubling the last generation's bandwidth. TBE550E delivers astonishing wireless speeds and flexible bandwidth combine, facilitating instant multi-stream media playback. Install, connect, and enjoy astonishing wireless speeds.

  • Unparalleled Tri-Band Speed

  • Double the Width, Double the Speed

  • More Throughput, More Performance

  • Makes Full Use of Every Resource

Incredibly Smooth Wi-Fi Experience

  • Gaming
  • Streaming
  • Efficient office

Maximized Coverage with Flexible Antenna Placement

Archer TBE550E has two multi-directional and high-performance antennas with a magnetized base. Place the antenna base anywhere on your desktop to find the optimal location for signal reception.

Intuitive Wi-Fi Status via Immersive Lighting

With captivating LED lighting effects, the base of Archer TBE550E not only offers an intuitive display of network status but also allows for effortless customization through its responsive touch switch.


No internet connection


The adapter is working properly


Operating at 320MHz

Touch Switch

Reliable Bluetooth 5.4

Bluetooth 5.4 Building upon the high-speed and wide-range capabilities of its predecessor, the updated Bluetooth 5.4 offers enhanced reliability and security, ensuring seamless interoperability with game controllers, headphones, keyboards, and more.

Refined Security

The latest Wi-Fi security protocol, WPA3, brings new capabilities to improve cybersecurity. More secure encryption in Wi-Fi password safety and enhanced protection against brute-force attacks combine to safeguard your home Wi-Fi.

Fast Installation via USB Drive

Easily set up your Archer TBE550E using the included USB drive—even without network connection. Experience a straightforward and user-friendly installation process.

USB Drive

Dimensions 3.7 × 4.8 × 0.8 in (95.2 ×120.8 ×21.5 mm)
Antenna Type 2× High-Performance Tri-Band Antennas
Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be
WLAN Signal Rate 6 GHz:
11be: Up to 5760 Mbps(dynamic)
11ax: Up t0 2402Mbps(dynamic)
5 GHz:
11be: Up to 2880 Mbps(dynamic)
11ax: Up to 2402 Mbps(dynamic)
11ac: Up to 1732 Mbps(dynamic)
11n: Up to 300 Mbps(dynamic)
11a: Up to 54 Mbps(dynamic)
2.4 GHz:
11be: Up to 688 Mbps(dynamic)
11ax: Up to 574 Mbps(dynamic)
11n: Up to 300 Mbps(dynamic)
11g: Up to 54 Mbps(dynamic)
11b: Up to 11 Mbps(dynamic)
WLAN Reception Sensitivity 6 GHz:
11ax HE20 MCS0: -94 dBm
11be EHT320 MCS13: -44dBm
5 GHz:
11ac VHT20 MCS0: -94 dBm
11be EHT160 MCS13: -48dBm
2.4 GHz:
11n HT20 MSC0: -95 dBm
11be EHT40 MSC13: -56dBm
WLAN Transmit Power 2.4 GHz: 24dBm(FCC) (EIRP)/ 20dBm(CE) (EIRP)
5 GHz: 24dBm(FCC) (EIRP) /20dBm(CE) (EIRP)
6 GHz: 20dBm(FCC) (EIRP) /20dBm(CE) (EIRP)
WLAN Modes Infrastructure mode
Wireless Security WPA/WPA2/WPA3, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Package Contents Archer TBE550E
Magnetized Antenna Base with 1m Braided RF Cable
2x High-Performance Antennas
Low-Profile Bracket
Bluetooth Header Cable
Quick Installation Guide
Resource USB Drive
System Requirements Supported operating system: Windows 11(64-bit) only
Environment Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉ ~104℉)
Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing
Accessories Specifications Extension Cable Length: 1 m
Bluetooth Header Cable Length: 0.3 m

Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions, AP limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and AP location.

Use of Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be), Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), and other features including 320 MHz Bandwidth, 4K-QAM, Multi-RUs, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and BSS Color requires the AP and PC OS to also support the corresponding features.

§Certain features of Archer TBE550E, such as Bluetooth 5.4, may be restricted on some computing systems and platforms. Please try to update the device's driver for feature compatibility.

The 320 MHz bandwidth is only available on the 6 GHz band. The 320 MHz bandwidth on the 6 GHz band and 160 MHz bandwidth on the 5 GHz band may be unavailable in some regions/countries due to regulatory restrictions. Double channel width and speed refer to 320 MHz compared to 160 MHz for Wi-Fi 6 adapters.

*Actual network speed may be limited by the rate of the product's PCI Express Interface, Ethernet WAN or LAN port, the rate supported by the network cable, internet service provider factors, operating system factors, and other environmental conditions.

**Use of WPAЗ requires APs to also support the corresponding feature.

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