Tapo H200 Smart Hub Compatible Products

Connect your Tapo smart sensors, buttons, Sub-1G switches, battery-powered cameras/video doorbells with the Tapo H200 to bulid your smart home ecosystem. Control all of them through the Tapo app and smart living starts here.

Note: Tapo H200 supports Sub-1G devices working in specified frequency bands: 863.35MHz, 864.35MHz, 868.35MHz (for EU/UK) or 920.9MHz, 921.7MHz, 922.3MHz (for AU/US). Actual supported bands may vary by country/region.

Home Security

  • Tapo D230S1 V1.2

    Tapo D230S1 V1.2

    Tapo Smart Battery Video Doorbell

  • Tapo C420S2

    Tapo C420S2

    Smart Wire-Free Security Camera System, 2-Camera System

Smart Switches

  • Tapo S200D

    Tapo S200D

    Smart Remote Dimmer Switch

  • Tapo S200B V1.2

    Tapo S200B V1.2

    Smart Button

Smart Sensors

  • Tapo T110 V1.2

    Tapo T110 V1.2

    Smart Contact Sensor

  • Tapo T100 V1.2

    Tapo T100 V1.2

    Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Thermostat

  • Tapo T315

    Tapo T315

    Smart Temperature & Humidity Monitor

  • Tapo T310

    Tapo T310

    Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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