How to turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Deco app

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which TP-Link just added to the Deco app, has a number of benefits over conventional login techniques. This feature greatly enhances the overall security of user accounts by adding a layer of protection to reduce the possibility of password breaches.

Here is the setup process

1. Launch the Deco app and sign in using your TP-Link account. The 2FA prompt will automatically appear if you are signing in for the first time.

2. Click on "Turn on Two-Step Verification."

If you prefer not to activate 2FA immediately, you can select "Maybe Later". 2FA prompt will only appear automatically once.

If you want to activate 2FA later, please navigate to the sidebar settings in the upper left corner, then select "View Account" > "Login Security."

3. Input your TP-Link account and password and click "Confirm."

4. A verification code will be sent to your email. Enter this code and click "Turn On."

If you didn’t receive the verification code, please click “Resend Code”.

5. Select the trusted devices from the current login list. With Two-Factor Authentication enabled, both a password and verification code will be required for logins from unrecognized devices.

6. Once you've designated your trusted devices, you'll find two methods for receiving codes. By default, codes are sent as notifications through the Deco app.

However, if you're unable to receive the code via the Deco app notification, you have the alternative option to receive verification codes via Email instead. Please click on “Didn’t receive a code?”, then click on “Send Code” to receive the code via email.

7. If you want to remove the trusted Devices, please navigate to “Login Security”>”Trusted Devices”, you will find a list of all trusted devices. Click on the “X” next to the device you want to remove, then click “Remove” to remove the device from your Trusted Devices list.

8. To review the devices signed in to your TP-Link Account, please navigate to “Login Security”>” "Login Activity”. Here, you can view the login location and time of each device. If you find an unfamiliar device in the list, please change the password of the TP-Link account.

Common questions

Q1. How to turn off Two-Factor Authentication in Deco app

Please navigate to the sidebar settings in the upper-left corner, then select "View Account" > "Login Security", turn off “Two-Step Verification”, input the password of your TP-Link account and the code received via email.

Q2. What should I do if I didn’t receive the code via Deco app?

1. Ensure you’ve allowed Notifications on the Deco app to receive codes promptly.

2. Click on “Resend Code” to request a new code.

3. If you are still unable to receive the code via Deco app, you can request one be sent to your Email address. Please click on “Didn’t receive a code?”, then click on “Send Code” to receive the code via email.

Q3. What should I do if I don’t receive the code via email?

Please refer to this link:

If this solution doesn’t solve your issue, please contact TP-Link support for further assistance.

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