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Try Other Devices Alongside WiFi Routers To Optimize Your Home

By Zhafir Zulkifili

Do You Only Use A WiFi Router To Make Your Home Smarter?


How hard is it actually to get perfect WiFi?

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The quest to boost WiFi signals in your home or even your office is a struggle known to many. Nevertheless, we should always find methods to fully utilize the maximum capacity of the WiFi signals in our homes. At TP-Link, we believe in diversifying your devices to provide you with the best WiFi service and the collective effort to make your home smarter.


WiFi Routers

Before deciding on what router you would like to purchase, you have to first find the right device for you based on the size of your home and your intended use for it. Bear in mind that TP Link's routers are WiFi 6 routers that have proven higher Internet speed. If you plan to find a WiFi modem that supports multi-devices 8K streaming, blazing fast speed and 4K/8K UHD on 5Ghz Band, then we would recommend the Archer AX73, Archer AX50 or the Archer C80. 

With the current situation, you have probably been assigned to work from home, thus you're in the market for a router that has respectable speed and supports higher coverage and devices. If this falls in the line with what you're looking for, try the Archer AX90, Archer AX73 or the Archer AX20.

Now for the gamers out there, there is nothing more frustrating than facing a sudden lag and your teammates scolding you for not carrying you. Thus, your gaming router needs to support your gaming no matter if you're using wireless, cloud gaming or teaming up with your friends. For you gamers, we would recommend the Archer AX11000 or even the Archer GX90.

Psst, TP-Link wireless routers are also compatible with Unifi thus giving you an efficient Unifi router. Just follow the steps here.


Never lag in your games again

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1. WiFi At Every Corner Of Your House

This may sound impossible, however, with TP Link's Deco system, you can enjoy a whole-home mesh WiFi system. It automatically selects the best connection to make sure your devices are running at top speed continuously. We get how frustrating it can get when you're walking from say, your bedroom to the toilet and your WiFi signal disappears but with the TP-Link Deco system, your whole home will have superior WiFi coverage with no more weak signals.

2. Raise The Intellect Of My House Collectively

Well, essentially, make your house smarter? The first way you can do this is by getting a wireless CCTV camera. In TP-Link, our wireless security WiFi camera records every image of designated sections in your house in crystal clear definition alongside motion detectors as well.

You could also opt for Smart Plugs and Smart Bulbs which function to optimize your home devices. With the Smart Plugs, you can instantly control connected devices from your app or even set a schedule for when you want the devices to turn on or off. The Smart Bulbs on the other hand ranges from light strips to full bulbs that are easy to maintain and can even be controlled with voice command at any time.

Visit the TP-Link website for the best Wi-Fi standard in your homes and to ease your daily activities!

Zhafir Zulkifili

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