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Mesh Wi Fi Systems: Solving WiFi Dead Spots

By Zhafir Zulkifili

wifi dead spot in the houseYou won't believe how a Mesh network can solve all your WiFi problems once and for all!
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We're looking to be connected no matter where we are constantly, and most importantly, we expect to connect to a WiFi hubspot even in the most secluded areas. If you have a home or office with a lot of square footage, chances are you've experienced a wifi dead spot or two. These can be frustratingly elusive, especially if you don't know where to start looking for them. Our first response would always be to blame the Internet service provider but is your Wi Fi system really at fault?

What is WiFi Dead Spot?

A WiFi dead spot is simply an area in your home or office where the WiFi signal doesn't reach you.

What Causes A WiFi Dead Spot In The House?

Several factors can cause WiFi dead spots, including walls, electrical interference, and distance from the router. It can also be caused by competing WiFi networks' sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

How Do You Fix WiFi Dead Spots?

There are several methods on how you can fix WiFi dead spots, with one of them being to simply adjust your router. With a couple of site survey tools, you can find out the dead WiFi spots in your home and work around them. Alternatively, to get rid of WiFi dead spots for good, the simple solution would be to opt for a whole home mesh WiFi system instead of the traditional router.

A mesh WiFi system is basically a set of multiple wifi routers that work together to create one large, seamless network. This is ideal for solving wifi dead spots because it ensures that there are no weak points in your coverage.

Mesh wifi system will give you the best possible chance of having a strong, consistent WiFi signal throughout your home or office. Besides covering a large area, a mesh system also provides a more reliable connection that is less likely to drop out. A Mesh Wi Fi system is becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to set up and can benefit you more than a traditional router.

Deco-The Superior Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

At TP-Link, we offer Deco, which works together as a mesh router unit to immerse your whole home in a powerful WiFi zone no matter the size of your house. It automatically selects the best connection to keep your devices running ultra-fast at all times.

If you're looking for a mesh WiFi network that can solve your wifi dead spots, TP-Link is the best choice for you. Take a look at our Deco system and eliminate weak WiFi signals once and for all.

Zhafir Zulkifili

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