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How to Setup Tapo Smart Home Device

By Yee Qeng

Thank you for choosing TP-Link Tapo as your trusted smart home brand. The setup process of all Tapo products are really simply and require not longer than 5 minutes!

Click the links below to see how you can setup your recently purchased Tapo products!


Tapo Smart Camera Setup Guide


How to setup Tapo Smart Home Security Camera

Tapo C200, C210, C211, C212, C220, TC70, TC71, TC72


How to Setup Tapo Outdoor Pan and Tilt Security Camera

Tapo C500, C510W, C520WS, TC40


How to Setup Tapo Outdoor Fixed Security Camera

Tapo C310, C320WS, C325WB, TC65


How to Setup Tapo Wire-Free Battery Powered Camera

Tapo C400, C420, C425


How to Setup Tapo Doorbell Battery Powered Security Camera

Tapo D230S1


How to Setup Tapo Solar Panel for Tapo Battery Powered Devices

Compatible with Tapo C400, Tapo C420, Tapo C425, Tapo D230S1


Yee Qeng

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