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Avoid Lagging With A Mesh Wifi System Today

By Jade Tyuo

It's 2022, why are you still struggling with a struggling Wi Fi system?
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Whether you're a streamer or simply a person who enjoys watching movies on streaming platforms, laggy internet access is not a problem you should be dealing with these days. So, if you're someone who works with the Internet around the clock, a mesh network is a must-have to give your Wi Fi signal that much-needed boost! With mesh WiFi systems, you can upgrade your existing network and enjoy consistently fast streaming without any buffering issues. Whether you're looking for a simple mesh kit or a more advanced mesh system with mesh extenders, there are many great options out there to help you optimise your wireless network and improve your streaming experience. But, hold up, before that....how does a mesh Wi Fi system even work in the first place?

How does a mesh WiFi system work?

A mesh WiFi system is made up of a mesh router and mesh extenders, which work together to provide seamless wireless coverage across your entire home or office. These mesh systems can detect network issues and automatically adjust their settings in real-time so that you can enjoy fast, uninterrupted Internet access no matter what corner of the house you're in. And with mesh networks constantly updating themselves for optimal performance, you never have to deal with buffering or slow loading speeds ever again.

Mesh WiFi systems are designed to give you the strongest possible connection no matter where you are in your home. With mesh networks, multiple access points work together to create a single wireless signal that covers every inch of your space and eliminates dead spots or weak areas of coverage. This means that regardless of whether you're sitting on the couch in the living room or working at your desk in the office upstairs, you'll always have access to quick and seamless Internet access. This can have you thinking as to what situations should have you opting for a mesh network in the first place. Well, how about your Wi-Fi takes time loading this article, then that would be the first indication!

What's Slowing Down Your Network?

Before making mesh wifi as your new home wifi solution, troubleshooting your Wi-Fi problems will help how you make your decision. A slow and lagging Wi-Fi network can be caused by a number of different issues, including:

  • Interference from devices like microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors
  • Obstructions like walls or large furniture that block the signal from reaching certain areas in your home
  • Hardware and software issues with your mesh router or mesh extenders

Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones once and for all with a mesh Wi Fi system.

If you're experiencing any of these common issues with your wireless network, a mesh WiFi system can help you resolve them. With a Wi Fi mesh network, you can easily optimise your Wi Fi performance and get reliable wireless coverage throughout every part of your home. So no matter what type of work or entertainment activities you do online, mesh WiFi is the best way to ensure fast streaming on all of your devices. Getting a mesh Wi-Fi network is one thing; figuring out the best way you can utilise it is a whole other issue to be considered.

The best location for your mesh router

The ideal location for your router would be the central location in the house, usually near the middle of the floor plan. This allows for easy mesh extension and consistent data transfer from one mesh point to another. Putting your router out in the open will give you the strongest and most reliable signal. Placing your router in a central location is key for getting optimal speeds. After all, the further away you are from the wireless network, the slower your connection will be. Placing mesh extenders on your network can also help with coverage issues that may arise if you have a large space or if obstacles block signals from reaching certain areas of your home.

Alternatively, you could also opt to put it on a high shelf. By elevating your router will give it a better chance of broadcasting a strong signal throughout your home.

Well, with all these in check, you can't help but get a mesh wi fi system for your home. Imagine an uninterrupted, smooth Wi Fi connection all-day without any lagging whatsoever. All that and more when you opt for TP-Link's deco mesh Wi-Fi system! It eliminates WiFi dead zones and ensures a no-drop Wi Fi experience throughout the home.

So, visit TP-Link today for the best Wi-Fi experience!

Jade Tyuo

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