"Sehr Gut!" - TP-Link AV1200 Powerline Adapter Starter Kits Receive Awards From CHIP Magazine

    Shenzhen, China – June 1st, 2015 – The TP-Link AV1200 Powerline Adapter Starter Kits have edged out the competition to receive a "Very Good" award from CHIP Magazine, one of the oldest and largest magazine in Germany. The AV1200 Powerline Adapter Starter Kits were subjected to extensive side-by-side testing and were recognized as the best passthrough powerline network device in its class.

    The CHIP article indicates that the AV1200 Powerline Adapter Starter Kits stood out due to its high data throughput speeds (up to 1200Mbps), its outstanding stability (2x2 MIMO), its three built-in LAN ports, and the integrated electrical socket that allows other devices to draw power from the same source.

    The top position was awarded to the TL-PA8030P KIT model and the fourth position was awarded to the TL-PA8010P KIT model. These two models are almost identical, with the only difference being that the first model has three integrated LAN ports on each adapter and the second model has one LAN port on each adapter.


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