How to re-register the camera to another new TP-Link Cloud account?

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Note:This FAQ is suitable for all TP-Link cloud cameras including NC200, NC220, NC250 and so on. Here we take NC200 as example.

NC Class Cameras work with tpCamera app only.


To re-register the camera to another TP-Link Cloud account, you have to delete the camera from the original account. There are three methods as below.


1. Delete the camera via tpCamera APP

In the Device page, tap the Gear button and go to the Setting page, and tap Delete Camera to delete the camera from original account.

2. Delete the camera via Web site

Login to the Web site with the original account, in the Home page, select the camera you want to delete and go to Settings, and click Delete Camera, the camera will be deleted from the original account.


3. Reset the camera to default setting

Press the WPS/RESET button at the back of the camera for more than 5 seconds, the camera will be revert to the default setting. Then the camera will be deleted from the original account automatically.


After deleting the original account, you will be able to register the camera to another new account.

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