How to set the voice mail if I use EWAN Mode on VOIP Modem Router?

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Updated 07-08-2021 01:39:19 AM 13860
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NOTICE: Take TD-VG3631 as an example and this article is used for when you use EWAN mode on your TD-VG3631.

As only in ADSL mode can you use CD or Easy setup assistant to configure voice mail function on TD-VG3631, if you use EWAN mode on TD-VG3631, you can manually add the needed files into your External HDD so as to get voicemail work normally. Follow the below method to do so:

1. Please download the file: “voicemail”.

2. Extract it, and then put “voicemail” folder in the root directory of your HDD.

3. All done. You can enable and use Voice Mail function on TD-VG3631.


Alternative solution:

If you have a valid ADSL line, you can also use the following method (Running CD) to auto-generate the “voicemail” files locally.

1. Change TD-VG3631 to work on ADSL Operation mode. Connect it to your DSL line and make sure the ADSL light is on. Plug your HDD into TD-VG3631.

2. Run CD and follow the step-by-step guide. Enable Configure USB Voice Mail, it would auto-generate

   a “voicemail” folder in your HDD. Go on and finish the Wizard.


(NOTICE: For more detailed steps about CD Wizard, please refer to FAQ508.)

3.    When all finished, change TD-VG3631 to work on EWAN mode.

After these 3 steps, you can enable and use Voice Mail function on your TD-VG3631.


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