How to Pause/Stop the Anti-theft Alarm of Your Tapo Doorbell (Tapo D230S1)

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Updated 03-27-2024 11:40:37 AM 2920
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When the Anti-theft Alarm feature of your Tapo doorbell is enabled, if someone tries to take the doorbell off from the wall, the doorbell will sound an alarm.

If you don’t want the doorbell to alarm, you can try the following methods to pause/stop the anti-theft alarm.

Pause the Anti-theft Alarm

Press and hold for anti-theft button for 5 seconds to pause the alarm. But it continues to alarm when you release the button.

Stop the Anti-theft Alarm

You can disable the anti-theft alarm feature to stop the alarm.

  • Method 1. Press and hold the SYNC/RESET button and the anti-theft button simultaneously for 10 seconds to disable the anti-theft alarm feature.

  • Method 2. Go to Device Settings in the Tapo app and disable the Anti-theft Alarm feature.

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