How to add another chime for the Tapo D230 when pressing the doorbell button

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It is supported to add another H200/H100/KH100, or Alexa Echo Speaker/Display and Google Assistant Speaker/Display as the Tapo D230’s chime when pressing the doorbell button. This article will introduce how to do it.

Before You Start: Ensure your Tapo devices are set up successfully and have internet access.

1. Add H200/H100/KH100 as a chime.

Here we take Tapo H200 as an example.

Step1 Add a new Automation by Tapo App>>Smart>>Add Automation.

Step2 Add the Tapo D230’s doorbell pressed as a trigger.

Step3 Add the Tapo H200’s ring as an action.

Step4 Name and finish.

2. Add Alexa Echo Speaker/Display or Google Assistant Speaker/Display as a chime.

We take Alexa Echo Speaker/Display as an example.

Step1 Link Alexa App with Tapo App by the FAQ:

Step2 Find the Tapo D230 in Alexa App.

Step3 Turn on Doorbell Press Notifications.

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