Questions about TP-Link UK Warranty Policy and Procedure

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*Why I can’t get a refund?

Because TP-Link Uk as the manufacturer does not sell any product directly to individual customers, therefore we will not be able to provide a refund on a product that we haven’t sold to you.

*Why do I have to pay the postage to send the faulty item to you for a replacement?

Same reason as above. Unfortunately, the postage is only covered by your original retailer or seller when returning the faulty item back to them for replacement under their warranty.


*How long will it take to receive my replacement?

It will take up to two working days for the replacement to be dispatched once your faulty item arrives.


*I need this product for work, and cannot be without it whilst waiting for a replacement. Is there a way I can receive the replacement first?

Yes, we offer two kinds of advanced RMA services to help customers receiving the replacement ASAP. Please just select one method which you prefer by logging in to your TP-Link account, the replacement will be dispatched once this process is completed.


*What warranty do I get with a replacement item?

Our warranty period starts from the purchase date of your original product, so the replacement will be arranged as long as your original product is within our warranty.


*I purchased a TP-Link product in the UK but I don’t currently live in the UK, am I still entitled to a replacement?

Since TP-Link UK isn’t responsible for international warranty service, we will be unable to process a replacement on the unit which isn’t used in the UK.


*I purchased a TP-Link product in the USA but I use it in the UK, in this case, can you offer me a replacement?

Sorry, we will be unable to process a replacement on this matter either because our warranty only works on the unit which is purchased and used in the UK & Ireland. However, we are happy to forward your RMA case to our related office for help.


*Unfortunately, I don’t keep the receipt or invoice, can you still approve my return request and offer me a replacement?

Proof of purchase is required to receive warranty service because we will need to verify the purchase for your warranty claim. If you don’t keep the receipt or invoice, you are allowed to submit your payment/order/delivery information for approval. Please note your RMA claim may be declined if the effective proof of purchase is failed to be produced.

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