What can I do if I forget my password of the cloud account (Tapo smart plug, smart camera, smart bulb)

Updated 01-15-2020 02:02:53 AM

If you have forgotten the password of the cloud account, you can refer to the following steps to create a new password so that you can log in to the Tapo app to control the Tapo devices.


Step 1 On the “Log In” page, click on “Forgot Password”.


 Step 2 Input your cloud account, then click on “SEND”.



Step 3 Open the email, click on “Click to Reset Password”, it will lead you to a reset password page on the cloud website.



Step 4. Input the new password for your cloud account and confirm the password, then click on “Save”.


Step 5. Now you have finished password reset steps. Please go back to Tapo app, click on “PASSWORD IS RESET”, then you can log into your Tapo app with your new password.

If you don’t receive the reset email within 60 seconds, please click on “Resend” on the app, and please ensure you have entered the correct email address.



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