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Updated 11-27-2019 07:08:26 AM 106493
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There are two ways to control the LED light on the Deco, you can do so either through the Deco app or through Amazon Alexa.

Case 1. Through the Deco app.

Step 1. Log in to the Deco app, tap More Advanced LED Control.


Step 2. Toggle off LED, then the LED light on the Deco will turn off.

If you want to turn off the LED light at bedtime only, please toggle on LED and configure the Night Mode feature. Then specify the bedtime period, the LED will turn off automatically during the specified period.


Case 2. Through the Amazon Alexa.

If you want to control the LED light through the Alexa, please refer to the link to enable the TP-Link Router Skill in the Alexa app, after that, you can control the LED light on the Deco with the specific commands(For the detailed information, please refer to the link).


If you need more help, it’s suggested to contact TP-Link support.

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