How to setup TD-W9970 Router in Modem Only Mode?

Configuration Guide
Updated 11-18-2016 08:06:05 AM 41691

Note: - This guide is only for VDSL (Fibre) Connection. You cannot use this guide for ADSL/Virgin Media connection.

Step1:- Please Login to the Web Management GUI following the link below:-

Step2:- Once logged-in you will see the interface as below. Select Quick setup.

Step3:- Next, Select region to UK and GMT Time zone. Click Next.

Step4:- Select Connection type as “No, I want to configure the internet connection myself”. Click Next.

Step5:- Select your ISP from the List for VDSL Connection, Enable Vlan ID and VLAN ID=101. Connection type=Bridge. Click Next.

Step6:- Tick Disable for Wireless option and click next.

Step7:- Now, confirm the settings again and click save to apply the changes.


Step8:- Once done, The Router will be set in Modem mode only and will act as a pure modem.

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