How to setup Parent Control on Archer Modem Router (new-designed blue UI)

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Parent control is usually used to control the internet access behavior of certain devices during a certain time period, and at the same time it will allow the other devices to have free access.


Take Archer VR900 as an example and the following configuration is the example of denying the Phone to access the and during 8am to 9pm, while will have free internet access during the other time period. And other PCs not in the list will have free internet access all the time.


Step 1 Log in Archer VR900’s web interface by or with the password that you set up.


Step 2 Correct the Time Settings to match your own local time (check Get automatically from the internet, choose your own Time Zone; ---click on Save)



Step 3 go to Parental Control, turn on Parental control, Click on Add to create a new rule.


Step 4 after you click on Add, you need type in the MAC address of the PC which you want to control.



(Note:You can manually type in the MAC address, or you can click on ‘View existing devices’ to add the device if it is currently connected to the router. Simply click on

 to add the device. )

Step 5 Internet access time. You can click on the Clock icon  to set the time period you want to control. To choose the time period, just simply click on the area you want to control. Or you can drag the cursor over the appropriate cell(s).


Step 6 You can choose the restriction as Whitelist or Blacklist.


1) In Blacklist mode, the controlled devices cannot access any websites containing the specified keywords during the Internet Access Time period.

2) In Whitelist mode, the controlled devices can only access websites containing the specified keywords during the Internet Access Time period.


Step 7 Add the keywords



So now the phone under the Parental control list cannot access and from 8am to 9pm, while has free internet access in the other time period. And other PCs not in the list, has free internet access all the time. 

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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