Tapo RV10 Lite

Robot Vacuum

  • 800ml Extra Large Dustbin - Holds even more debris, pet hair, and dust for up to 14 days.1
  • High-Efficiency Zigzag Path Planning - Organizes a neat zigzag route to reduce missed or repeated areas compared with random-path robot vacuums.
  • 4-Level Suction Modes - 2000Pa Strong Suction. Easily clean pet hair, daily messes, and more.
  • Simple Control via Tapo App - Tailor scheduling and switch clean modes at home or away.
  • 3-Hour Continuous Cleaning - 2600mAh long-lasting battery to clean your whole home on a single charge.2
  • Auto-Charging - Returns to the charging dock automatically when the battery gets low, and then restarts right where it left off.
  • Carpet Auto-Boost - Increases the suction power when moving from a hard floor to a carpet.
  • Voice Control - Simply send voice commands via smart speakers.

Tapo RV10 Lite

Smart Robot Vacuum

Fur Your Love

work with google home icon work with amazon alexa icon

800 ml Large Dustbin

Carries More for up to 14 Days1

Simple Control via Tapo App

Manage Your Robot Anywhere

4-Level Suction Modes

Flexible Cleaning





Quiet Cleaning

Powerful Clean without Disturbance3

Speak to Clean

Works with Alexa and Google Home

3 Hours

Continuous Cleaning2

Zigzag Path Planning

Reduces Missed or Repeated Areas

800 ml Dust Bin Carries More

An extra-large dustbin enables RV10 Lite to hold even more debris, pet hair, and dust for up to 14 days. This helps you survive shedding season by cleaning more often with less emptying.1

High-Efficiency Path Planning

Smart systematic navigation guides RV10 Lite to organize a neat zigzag route for higher cleaning efficiency and fewer omissions compared with random-path robotic vacuums.

Over 90% Cleaning Coverage4 Zigzag Path Planning
Around 70% Cleaning Coverage Random-Path

4-Level Suction for Flexible Needs

Four vacuum modes with different levels of suction power meet various cleaning needs. With a maximum suction power of 2000Pa, Tapo RV10 Lite is ideal for direct, powerful cleaning of carpets and hard floors.









  • the Tapo RV 10,different mode logo

    Auto-Boost to Max Mode

    when encountering carpets for a deep clean.

  • a filter

    HEPA Filter

    captures 99.9% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

  • the Tapo RV 10's floating suction mouth

    Floating Suction Mouth

    sticks closely to the ground to remove gap dust.

  • the Tapo RV 10's detachable main brush

    Detachable Main Brush

    makes it easy to clean the tangled hair for improved maintenance.

Whole-Home Continuous Cleaning

Equipped with a 2600mAh long-lasting battery, Tapo RV10 Lite provides 3 hours of continuous cleaning every full charge. The robot returns to the charging dock automatically when the battery gets low, and then restarts right where it left off.


    3 Hours

    Continuous Cleaning2

Moves Around the House Nimbly

A full suite of advanced sensors allow RV10 Lite to detect obstacles and avoid getting trapped or dropping off, while the soft-touch bumper protect your furniture.

  • The Tapo Rv10 Lite is 7.9 cm / 3.1 in height 7.9 cm / 3.1 in

    Thin Enough to Slide In

    Slides into hard-to-reach areas with ease thanks to its super-slim 7.85 cm / 3.09 in body.

  • Multiple cliff sensors in Tapo Rv10 Lite

    Anti-Drop Protection

    Multiple cliff sensors help it avoid falling down stairs and ledges.

  • The Tapo Rv10 Lite climbs over doorsills and thick carpets under 2 cm / 0.79 in. 2 cm

    Climbs When Needed

    Effortlessly climbs over doorsills and thick carpets under 2 cm / 0.79 in.

  • The Tapo Rv10 Lite,a magnetic tape

    Set Your Virtual Walls

    Simply set up areas you don't want the robot to go with the magnetic tape.

    *Sold separately.

Quiet Cleaning

Triple noise suppression lowers noise levels down to 53 dB while in use—quieter than a running microwave. Tapo cleans your home without disturbing you or your pets.3

  • Dynamic balance fan applied.

  • Noise reduction duct design proved by simulations.

  • Acoustic cotton equipped to absorb sound.

Speak to Clean

Pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the robot with simple voice commands. A series of Alexa custom skills are specially built for users to easily control how and when to start cleaning. Enjoy hands-free living.

“Alexa, ask Tapo to change to Max” “Alexa, ask Tapo to vacuum after 8:30 am” “Alexa, ask Tapo where it is”

Total Control at Your Fingertips with Tapo

Cleaning made simple. Manage your own cleaning schedule, switch cleaning modes, and monitor your robot’s status at home or away on the feature-rich Tapo app.


    Scheduled Cleaning


    Switch Cleaning Modes


    Check Status


    Remote Control

Child & Pet Lock

Tapo RV10 Lite prevents accidental and inconvenient starts with child & pet lock. You can deactivate physical start buttons on the device to prevent children or pets from accidentally turning the robot on.

Battery Capacity  2600 mAh
Recharge & Resume Yes
Mapping & Navigation Features
Mapping/Path Planning Gyroscope
Obstacle Avoidance Infrared
Barrier-Cross Height  20 mm/0.79 in
Anti-Drop Protection Yes
Vacuuming Features
Max Suction Power 2000Pa
Suction Level Adjustment 4 levels
Dustbin Capacity 800 ml
Dustbin Detection Yes
HEPA Filter H11
Noise 53 dB (Quiet Mode)
55 dB (Default/Standard)
Carpet Boost  Yes
App Features
Real-Time Tracking Yes
Scheduled Cleaning Yes
Product Dimensions Robot Vacuum: 341 × 341 × 79 mm (13.4 × 13.4 × 3.1 in)
Package Contents Robot Vacuum Cleaner ×1
Charging Base ×1
Power Adapter ×1
Quick Installation Guide
Side Brush ×2
HEPA Filter ×2
Cleaning Brush ×1
Wireless Connection IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz band only
Bluetooth 4.2 (only for onboarding)
Rated Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Max Charging Power Consumption 16.8W(DC16.8V 1A)
Max Working Power Consumption 25W
Child & Pet Lock Yes
Works with Google Home Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Yes

1. Based on internal testing. Actual emptying intervals are subject to change due to usage and environmental factors.

2. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, using quiet vacuuming mode with a full battery. Actual results may vary according to the working status and home environment.

3. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, using quiet vacuuming mode.  Actual results may vary according to the working status.

4. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer according to IEST-RP-CC021.4-2016 standards.

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