TP-Link unveils a new suite of Smart Home products at CES 2023

    TP-Link unveils a new suite of Smart Home products at CES 2023


    January 5th 2023: TP-Link, a leading global provider of networking and connected technologies, has revealed its newest Tapo and Kasa smart home products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. Each product embraces the newly unified Matter connectivity standards to improve compatibility for all users demonstrating TP-Link’s commitment to delivering high-quality, secure and easy-to-use smart home technology.


    Tapo RV30C Slim: a robot vacuum revolution

    Leading the charge is Tapo RV30C Slim — a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. TP-Link launched its first robot vacuums in 2022 with the RV10 series and RV30 series, while the innovative RV30C Slim takes performance and efficiency to a new level with unparalleled navigation technology. Powered by MagSlim LiDAR Navigation, the latest model achieves millimeter-level measurement for more accurate perception and mapping of homes, greatly increasing cleaning coverage. Its compact Mini-DTOF LiDAR sensor makes RV30C Slim the thinnest LiDAR Navigation robot vacuum on the market, allowing it to clean harder-to-reach areas. RV70 OMNI will also make its debut at CES 2023 with an all-around Omni station and triple-AI technology.


    Tapo H900 Homebase: the brain of every smart home

    TP-Link is taking a big step forward with the brand-new Homebase Tapo H900 – a home connection centre that supports devices based on Wi-Fi, Sub-G, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread, and other protocols. With H900, users can manage all Tapo smart home devices and set customised smart scenes for seamless automation. Additionally, Tapo H900 works as a video surveillance and video storage centre, allowing users to watch live from up to 16 cameras simultaneously. H900 also provides electronic photo frames, alarm clocks, calendars, notes, and other entertainment functions.


    Tapo C325WB Security Camera: security gets smarter

    Tapo's next-generation smart home security cameras will also take to the stage in Las Vegas. Tapo C325WB is an advanced outdoor security Wi-Fi camera. It features a super aperture lens and a superior sensor that captures images with more natural colour and vivid detail, even in ultra-low light conditions. Powered by a best-in-class algorithm chip, Tapo C325WB comes with upgraded AI detection features. The camera meets the IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring it performs even in harsh environments with rain and dust.


    Tapo C425 Outdoor Security: solar powered

    Another standout product is the battery-powered 2K QHD Tapo C425 Outdoor Security WiFi Camera. The camera is equipped with a built-in 10,000mAh large-capacity battery and can be magnetically mounted anywhere. The camera works with the A200 Solar Panel for continuous charging via solar energy (Tapo A200 sold separately). It keeps the camera powered all year-round while helping reduce energy consumption against rising energy costs and environmental challenges.


    Tapo D66 Doorbell: driving doorway detection

    The upcoming Tapo D660 dual-video doorbell showcases how TP-Link has innovated to solve problems for real people in the real world. Unlike many smart doorbells on the market, Tapo D660 can monitor the bottom and corners of doors. With a downward-facing camera featuring an algorithm chip, Tapo D660 provides complete surveillance of doorways and deters ‘porch pirates’ from stealing packages. Combined with a forward-facing camera, the dual-camera Tapo D660 offers users ultra-wide Field of View (FOV) for more than 180 degrees without blind spots.


    Tapo smart video door lock

    Tapo is also launching a new smart video door lock – another CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. The Tapo smart video door lock is a 3-in-1 device that functions as a door lock, doorbell, and outdoor security camera. Tapo's smart video door lock supports multiple bank-grade unlocking methods, such as fingerprint, face recognition, smartphone app, password, and voice assistant unlock. Additionally, with the Tapo app, users can lock and unlock their door from anywhere, set temporary user codes, view lock activity, and receive lock notifications. Embedded with a full-colour doorbell, the smart video door lock also supports real-time video intercom, and the built-in 2K QHD super wide-angle camera helps monitor users' doorways 24/7.


    A smart home built for you

    TP-Link always strives to promote integration and alleviate fragmentation in the smart home market. TP-Link has been driving the practical application of the Matter protocol and is one of the first companies to receive the Matter 1.0 certification. By introducing Matter to its product ranges, TP-Link is providing its users with seamless interoperability across platforms and enabling simpler smart home setups.


    TP-Link's first Matter-certified rollout will make its debut at CES, including smart plugs, smart switches, smart outlet extenders, and smart bulbs. The Tapo P125M Mini Smart Plug features a compact design to stack two plugs in the same outlet, while the Kasa KP125M supports real-time energy consumption monitoring. The Tapo S505D Smart Dimmer Switch allows users to dim and brighten lights in multiple ways, featuring three smart AC outlets, three always-on AC outlets, and three USB ports, the Tapo P306 Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Extender is also compatible with the Matter protocol and a wide range of smart home ecosystems. Finally, the Matter-certified Tapo L535E Multicolor Smart Light Bulb produces up to 1,100 lumens of white brightness and has a dimming range from 100 to one per cent.


    On the heels of the previously released Smart Contact Sensor Tapo T100 and Smart Motion Sensor Tapo T110, TP-Link is introducing new smart sensors: the Tapo T300 and Tapo T315. When Tapo T300 detects leaking water, it will send an instant alarm to prevent excess water damage. Tapo T315 detects real-time room temperature and humidity with great accuracy. Pairing Tapo T315 with Tapo smart plugs and other smart devices keeps rooms at the appropriate temperature to provide users with consistently comfortable living spaces.


    Pricing and availability

    TP-Link's lineup of Tapo and Kasa products will become available throughout 2023 at competitive price points. For more information, please follow our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.




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