Kasa Care

Choose a Kasa Care plan that’s right for you.

Free Features
Available with or without a cloud storage plan
Live Streaming
Activity Zones
Activity Notifications
£2.99 / month
( £29.90 / year )
Per Camera
30 Days of Video History
Manual Clip Recording
Video Sharing
Activity Notifications with Snapshots
£9.99 / month
( £99.90 / year )
Per Account
30 Days of Video History
Manual Clip Recording
Video Sharing
Activity Notifications with Snapshots
Up to 10 Cameras

30 Days of Video History

Your Constant Video Companion.

Check if your package was delivered today or if your kids snuck in after curfew three weeks ago; with 30 days of video history, you’ll be able to see everything that has happened around your home without the fear of clips quickly disappearing into the internet ether.

Activity Zone

Focus on the Important.

Your Kasa Cam can see a lot, sometimes, too much. With Activity Zones, you can tell your camera which areas to monitor and which areas to ignore, ensuring you only see clips and notifications for activity that actually matters.

Rich Notifications

Seeing is Believing.

Whenever your Kasa Cam detects motion, you’ll be alerted with a push notification featuring a snapshot of the detected activity, letting you decide at-a-glance if you need to respond now or later. And if you have an Apple Watch, you’ll see the activity right on your wrist.

Video Sharing

Spread the World With Just a Tap.

Did your Kasa Cam capture something serious? Funny? Or just plain unusual? With just a tap from the share button, you can post your Kasa Cam clip to your preferred social media platform and let others gasp, laugh, or gawk.

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