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10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

  • 10000 mAh Ultra-High Capacity: Enough power for 2.5x iPhone 11 charges, 1.9x Galaxy S20+ charges, or 1.5x iPad mini 5 charges.
  • Dual Charging Ports: Supports simultaneous charging for two devices.
  • 2.1A Turbo (Re)charge: Reaches full capacity in less time with 65% faster charging speeds.
  • Premium Li-polymer battery: Greatly improved safety and reliability.
  • Pass Through Charging: Charges power bank and devices at the same time.
  • Universal Compatibility: Supports iOS, Android, Windows, and most USB-charged devices.
  • Small Current Charging: Safely charges your small power accessories like earphone and wristband.

Slim Build, High Capacity

10000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank


10000 mAh Capacity for Multiple Charges

With a 10000 mAh capacity battery inside, TL-PB10000 holds enough juice to fully charge your devices several times over. No more worrying about running out of power on the go with this long-lasting power bank.


  • 2.5x

    charges iPhone 11

  • 1.9x

    charges Galaxy S20+

  • 1.5x

    charges iPad mini 5

Fast Charging for Quick Power Up

Supporting 2.1 A charging and recharging speeds, TL-PB10000 reaches full capacity in less time and delivers a 65% faster charge for connected devices than 1 A chargers. Quickly bring your iPhone11 up to 65% power within an hour or fully recharge the entire power bank in 4.8 hours.


1h Power Charge (iPhone 11)


Full Power Bank Recharge

Dual Ports for Smart, Flexible Charging

Equipped with 2 high-speed charging ports with up to 2.1 A adaptive power output, charge both your phone and tablet at the same time. Your power bank intelligently recognizes different devices and delivers appropriate charging current to your devices’ batteries.

Li-Polymer Battery, Safe and Convenient

Li-Polymer batteries are thin, lightweight, and safe, leading to their wide applications in premium digital devices. Compared to those using Li-ion batteries, this power bank delivers reliable and safe protection and a thinner, sleeker design.

Small Current Charging Mode

For charging small-current devices, TL-PB10000 supports switching to the small current charging mode by tapping the Power Button twice. This helps prolong the service life for devices like earbuds, headsets, watches, and more.

Pass Through Charging

Charge your power bank and devices simultaneously.

Universal Compatibility

It works great for smart devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and most other USB-charged devices.


Travel Ready, Good for Flight

It’s perfect for travel and acts as a more-than-sufficient back-up power with its portable design. Since your bank meets every aviation requirement, feel free to carry it on your flight.§

Multiple Protection Features Against…


    Short Circuits

    Provides microsecond-level feedback protection in case your charging equipment or USB output port causes a short circuit.



    Protects your bank whenever the adapter voltage is too high.



    Remains safe even when you experience abnormalities while charging a device.



    Ensures your mobile power is safe while charging.



    Maintains safe performance of your mobile power supply while also extending battery life.



    Prevents your power bank from getting too hot for better equipment safety.

Capacity 10000mAh
Input DC 5V/2.1A
Output 2× smart adaptive fast charging ports, total 10.5 W output
Interface 1 Micro USB port
2 USB ports with smart-charging
4 LED indicator for power level or charging status
Button 1 button to display power level
Compatibility Smart devices running iOS, Android, Windows and most other USB-charged devices
Dimensions 5.7×2.7×0.7× in (144.5×69×16.8 mm)
Package Contents 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank TL-PB10000
Micro USB Cable
User Guide

Charging data is based on laboratory testing using an Apple 1A adapter as a comparison. Exact data may vary in actual use.

10000mAh battery capacity based on 3.7V.

§ Carry-on luggage storage only.

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