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  • Deco XE75 V1

    Deco XE75

    AXE5400 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System

  • Deco PX50 V1

    Deco PX50

    AX3000 + G2000 Whole Home Powerline Mesh WiFi 6 System

  • Deco X50-PoE V1

    Deco X50-PoE

    AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System with PoE

  • Deco X50-5G V1

    Deco X50-5G

    5G AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 Gateway (Availability based on regions)

  • Deco X50-Outdoor V1

    Deco X50-Outdoor

    AX3000 Outdoor Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 Unit

  • Deco X20 V1

    Deco X20

    AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

WiFi Router

  • Archer AXE300 V1

    Archer AXE300

    AXE16000 Quad-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router

  • Archer AXE200 Omni V1

    Archer AXE200 Omni

    AXE11000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router

WiFi Adapter

  • Archer TX20UH V1

    Archer TX20UH

    AX1800 High Gain Wireless USB Adapter

Range Extenders

  • RE815XE V1


    AXE5400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6E Range Extender

  • RE900XD V1


    AX6000 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender

Smart Home

Smart Bulbs

  • Tapo L920-5 V1

    Tapo L920-5

    Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip, Multicolor

  • Tapo L900-5 V1

    Tapo L900-5

    Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip

  • Tapo L530E V1

    Tapo L530E

    Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Multicolor

  • Tapo L510E V1

    Tapo L510E

    Tapo L510E

Smart Plugs

  • Tapo P105 V1

    Tapo P105

    Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug


  • Tapo C720 V1

    Tapo C720

    Tapo Smart Floodlight Camera

  • Tapo C320WS V1

    Tapo C320WS

    Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera



  • Omada Cloud-Based Controller V4

    Omada Cloud-Based Controller

    Omada Cloud-Based Controller

Ceiling Mount Access Points

  • EAP670 V1


    AX5400 Ceiling Mount WiFi 6 Access Point

Access Points

  • EAP655-Wall V1


    AX3000 Wall Plate WiFi 6 Access Point

  • EAP650 V1


    AX3000 Ceiling Mount WiFi 6 Access Point

  • EAP690E HD V1

    EAP690E HD

    AX11000 Ceiling Mount Quad-Band WiFi 6E Access Point

  • EAP610 V1


    AX1800 Ceiling Mount WiFi 6 Access Point


  • TL-SG3452XP V1


    JetStream 52-Port Gigabit and 4-Port 10GE SFP+ L2+ Managed Switch with 48-Port PoE+

  • TL-SX3206HPP V1


    JetStream 6-Port 10GE L2+ Managed Switch with 4-Port PoE++

  • TL-SG3210XHP-M2 V1


    JetStream 8-Port 2.5GBASE-T and 2-Port 10GE SFP+ L2+ Managed Switch with 8-Port PoE+


  • ER8411 V1


    Omada VPN Router with 10G Ports

Unmanaged Switches

  • TL-SX1008 V1


    8-Port 10G Desktop/Rackmount Switch

  • TL-SX105 V1


    5-Port 10G Desktop Switch

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