We believe everyone should have Better Wi-Fi.

When it comes to WiFi, don’t ‘make do and mend’. We believe everyone should have Better WiFi. Wireless should be blazing fast and secure throughout your home and garden. Not sure where to start? No problem, here are five things you can do now, that are guaranteed to improve performance.

5 things you can do now, that are guaranteed
to improve performance.


    The WiFi signal from your router is disrupted by solid objects like walls. Find somewhere central, away from other household appliances like microwave ovens and digital phones that cause wireless interference.


    Encrypt and password-protect your network to prevent neighbours and passers-by stealing your bandwidth. Set up a Guest Network when friends and family come over to protect your personal data and ring-fence bandwidth for essentials like streaming and gaming.


    Use the Quality of Service feature on your router to allocate bandwidth to individual devices, so Netflix doesn’t buffer when a Fortnite tournament starts. Look for routers with apps so you can manage your network on the go.


    Last year WiFi 6 or AX went mainstream, this is the latest WiFi standard packed full of technology to maximise speed, reach and security. A WiFi 6 router can reach speeds up to 9.6 Gbps in comparison to the theoretical limit of 3.5 Gbps for Wi-Fi 5.


    Your router is an ingenious device transferring millions of packets of data every second. Turning it off and on again clears the memory and allows it to install any updates that might be required to fix known bugs and generally improve performance.

Does your Wi-Fi need an extra boost?

Sometimes your ISP provided router doesn’t have all the features you need to optimise your wireless experience. We’ve handpicked some products that will help you to Work Hard and Play Hard and don’t forget to sign up for your exclusive discount codes.


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