How to Set TD-W8960N/TD-W8950ND QoS for IGMP/IPTV?

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Updated 05-25-2015 02:05:34 AM
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TD-W8950ND , TD-W8950N , TD-W8960N

Before you begin, please note:

Suppose the Internet parameters from your ISP are as follows and you have connected to the Internet successfully.

Connection type: PPPoE


User name and password


Suppose the topology is as following, please follow the steps to make IGMP/IPTV data have the highest priority for the whole network.



Configuration for QoS:

Step 1  Open web browser and enter in your address bar, then press "Enter".


Step 2  Enter the username and password of your modem. By default it will be Username: "admin" and Password: "admin" or if you have changed this, please enter the new username and password.



Step 3 Go to Quality of Service, please check Enable QoS


Step 4 Go to Queue Config, then click add button to add a queue. Set following parameters as below:


After save, we will get the rule as below:



Step 5 Go to QoS Classification, then click add button to add a Classification.

Set following parameters as below:


Note: If QoS is applied in some single computer, please set the Source IP Address with Subnet Mask or Source MAC address in the rule.

After save, we will get rules as following:




Now you can test IGMP QoS with the settings.

Note: For further information of the options, please refer User Guide coming with the product.

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