How to configure Internet Settings on 3G/4G Deco router?

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Updated 06-11-2021 07:40:09 AM 2416
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When Deco works in 3G/4G Router mode, you can configure the internet settings, including updating or creating your ISP profile, enabling/disabling mobile data and data roaming, changing a network mode, and more.

Follow the steps below to configure Internet Settings. Here takes Deco X20-4G as an example. The actual app screen may vary slightly from the product model.


It is not available to modify the data settings when remotely controlled the network from the Deco app.

  1. Launch your Deco app and go to MORE > Advanced > Internet.

  1. Tap Mobile ISP to update your ISP profile or create a new one. Specify the CarrierUsername and Password. Select the PDP TypeAPN Type and Authentication Type according to your ISP.

  1. Enable Mobile Data to ensure internet access.

  1. Enable Data Roaming to ensure the internet access while you are outside the service area of your carrier.

  1. Change the mobile Network Mode (4G Preferred / 4G Only / 3G Only) according to your needs.

  1. Select frequency bands manually or automatically.

  1. Select the preferred carrier network manually or automatically.

  1. Check internet detailed information.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.


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