Can I view the live video of Tapo camera continuously?

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Updated 12-02-2019 07:53:01 AM
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You may want to watch the live video of your Tapo camera all the time, and here are the cases:

1.Both your phone and the Tapo camera are connected to the same network (Locally)

If your phone and the Tapo camera are connected to the same network, which means you are viewing the live video locally, then YES, there will be no limit, you will be able to view it continuously.


2.The phone and the Tapo camera are connected to different networks (Remotely)

If the phone is connected to a different Wi-Fi network when you watch the live stream of the Tapo camera, which means you are remotely viewing the camera, you can watch the live stream for as long as 2 minutes without any operation on the camera APP, then you will be prompted to continue the viewing. Click Yes to continue.


3.Use a third-party device such as Google Home Hub, Echo show, fire TV to watch the live stream of the Tapo camera, it will be disconnected automatically when it arrives in 5 minutes.

If you want to continue watching, take the Echo show as an example, you need to ask it to show again by voice command "Alexa, show me the [Camera Name]".

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